Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Better safe than sorry
I can't help myself. With all of the coronavirus
hoopla it's easy to self diagnose. Hence while
there are no recorded virus cases in Montana,
I'm still worried. Concerned that any random
cough or sniffle could be infectious. After all
there's the odd chance that the guy who just
delivered that furniture from out east might be
a carrier. Or some local is somehow connected
to somebody with said bug. While it's smart to
be cautious, it seems rather crazy to consider
hunkering down. When in essence we live in
a veritable quarantine zone. Remember it's a
two hour drive from Lewistown to a Walmart.
In theory the chances of locals traveling seem
few and far between. Yet close relations will
soon return from a tropical jaunt. As will other
relatives now out an about in Mexico. Hence
the chances of catching something while stuck
in the middle of no where exist. So what does
one do? In essence, Frank and I already lead
a rather quarantined existence. In that we both
prefer each other's company against all others.
Thus we tend to keep to ourselves. However
even hermits like us venture out now or then.
If for no other reason than to visit Frank's 102
year old Dad. As long as they let us that is...
History repeats itself
The good news is even the most skeptical of
folks (central Montanans) are on red alert.
At Dad's assisted living facility all doors but
one are locked to visitors who are screened
prior to entry. And while Mr. Trump might
glad hand all around him, many locals now
bump elbows. Slowly but surely the reality
of a national pandemic is sinking in. Even
if Lewistown never sees a coronavirus case
we appear to be ready and waiting. As well
we should. Between 1918 and 1919 Fergus
County lost 121 citizens to the Spanish Flu.
So for now it's better to be safe than sorry.