Saturday, March 14, 2020


Dirty deeds
I gotta hand it to my mother. Once again,
Ethel was right. In that all of her rants and
raves about washing hands have proven to
be in my best interest. Now that our world
is awash in a Coronavirus onslaught, we're
reminded that good old fashioned dictums
remain the easiest way to combat infection.
Thus most Americans are now emulating
their anal retentive obsessive compulsive
disorder diagnosed friends and neighbors.
Scrubbing digital sources of infection with
soap and water. And sing "Old McDonald"
or "Happy Birthday" in a timely manner.
Something stinks
Many of us are at a loss as to how to protect
ourselves and those who we love. Confronted
with a lack of hand sanitizer, some are making
their own. As others go above and beyond to
clean up their act. Yesterday my sister-in-law
drove from Portland to an obscure mall which
is suffering from a lack of traffic. All to secure
what may be the last hand sanitizers available.
Risking not only exposure of infection. But of
being overwhelmed by that intense stench of
that emanates from said spot - Bath & Body
Works. Worth the effort - her sanitary saviors
are now in the mail and their way to her tot!
Hand to mouth
A nail biter, my natural inclination is to live
land to mouth. Historically I've been advised
that said bad habit builds up my resistance to
negative influences. In that I expose myself to
germs on a daily basis. However trying times
demand that I change my ways. Especially as
some others are not playing it safe. Recently
my friend saw a woman on the subway lift her
hand from the pole, reach into her purse, pull
out some lip gloss, dip her finger in, apply to
her lips, return said lip gloss to her purse, and
grab the pole once more. And we wonder why
the Coronavirus is spreading? HANDS OFF!