Saturday, March 28, 2020


Hidden agenda
I'm not a fan of masks. Beyond specs, I abhor
anything upon my face. Thus even facing the
deepest of winter chills I resist donning ski
masks, wrapped scarves, and such. Today my
aversion to facial overlays apparently made it
obvious that I was the odd man out. At least
half of my fellow shoppers wore masks. As
in surgical. The same ones that are currently
in great demand. Exactly those that medical
professionals across the country lack. Yet as
heroes risk their lives sans proper protection -
my fellow shoppers apparently need them to
grocery shop at our local Albertsons.
More than enough
In times like these we all face risks and thus
must protect ourselves. Yet I feel blindsided
by fellow Montanans who seem to consider
the Coronavirus a license to over indulge.
Such as hoarding. Given no food shortage
exists why is everyone stocking up as if our
world was about to end? Nothing is stopping
locals from stripping Lewistown's grocery
shelves bare. After two weeks of many we
still lack toilet tissue or any paper goods.
No bleach or disinfectants. Our nada list
even ncludes fresh garlic. Is it possible that
locals are preparing for a vampire attack?
Shame on flu
Last night at midnight Montana officially
went into isolation mode. Now we must
shelter in place. Which makes me wonder
what my fellow Lewistown residents will
be doing. Baking cakes with hoarded flour,
sugar, and Crisco? Dishing out plenty of
penne? Wiping their asses while the rest
of us must fend for themselves? I'm sure
they'll be quite happy with themselves.
Yet I wonder if they ever think of those
they left empty handed No wonder they
cover up. Given such gluttony they should
be ashamed of themselves. Enough already!