Monday, March 16, 2020


Blind sided
Recently it's become chic to be a Coronavirus
skeptic. Hence many of my more sophisticated
friends consider said threat to be nothing but a
product of media hype. Claiming that in truth
the threat from this Coronavirus outbreak is no
different than that of common influenza. That
political malice is behind all issues or concerns
raised. Meanwhile Italy is purposefully isolated
from the world at large. As the stock market
hits all time lows. While schools, businesses,
dining, and entertainment venues shut down.
And stores run out of food staples, analgesics,
sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper.
Wakeup call
Could it be that Covid-19 is actually a threat
to our health and safety? Is it possible that we
are living in a state of denial? Conservative
forecasts put the Covid 19 mortality rate at 1%.
Versus the CDC ten year average of .01% for
traditional flu. It could be worse - the Spanish
Flu epidemic on 1918 death rate killed 2.5%.
Therefore some forecasts for America estimate
half of the population becoming infected with
one million deaths caused by Coronavirus. To
put that in context 32.4 thousand died of the
flu during the 2018-2019 season. So the fact
is that we're in danger. And it's all too real.
A fighting chance
As with any unforeseen threat, this pandemic
came out of nowhere. Aggressively assaulting
our world at large. When attacked by such an
evil force, our only choice is to fight. Passive
aggressive resistance does nobody any good.
Purposefully ignoring the facts endangers us
all. Putting our weakest and most vulnerable
family and friends at risk. Therefore it's time
to do the right thing. Which is to embrace our
new reality. Coronavirus is here to kill. Thus
rather than giving Covid-19 free rein, it's our
responsibility to stop it. Limiting chances of
it killing our fellow Americans. Or ourselves.
Nessun dorma
So as is the case with any battle, the way we
live must change. On the short term we must
shift into combat mode. Hunkering down in
order to avoid as much physical contact as
possible. All in order to insure our survival.
So rather than trying to blame others for our
limitations, let's make the best of a truly bad
situation. Just like the Italians. Rather than
be isolated they're celebrating their unity in
alternative ways.  Opening their hearts and
windows to join in a chorus of affirmation.
Together we will defeat this viral threat. So
wake up. Nessun dorma. NO ONE SLEEP.