Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Bridge loan
Soon most Americans may be one thousand
dollars further from financial ruin. Well, at
least that's what our Congress, Senate, and
President are working on. How that exactly
impacts our economy is the question at hand.
Sooner than later almost all of America will
come to a complete standstill. Meaning that
most of us will be homebound. Limiting our
activities to whatever can be accomplished
within said four walls or the internet at large.
So what would you do with a cash windfall?
Pay the mortgage? Shop on-line? Book that
cruise in 2021?  Or stash the cash in savings?
Solitary confinement
The last few days have proved that everything
can change. On the short-term that means that
in order to avoid infection we must avoid the
world at large. While initially the prospect of
such a hiatus seems appealing. The reality of
being cut off from the world at large is enough
to make everyone go stir crazy. Thus it's best
to develop a purgatory plan. One that provides
some structure in what otherwise can be only
considered limbo. No wonder many of us are
already making a list. Placing priority on all
sorts of previously deferred tasks at hand. Yet
I wonder what we'll be doing in a few weeks?
Investment opportunity
Stuck at home we could be cash rich, bored,
and slightly nuts. Home alone and sans social
contact we'll be lonely. Family time will soon
be rote and we'll take each other for granted.
Within a week we will have binge watched
everything even slightly entertaining. All of
those honey do list projects will be checked
off . While even the most anal amongst us
will have deep cleaned everything and then
some. Leaving us with nothing but ourselves.
Which may not be a bad thing. Isn't it time
you thought out of your box? Rather than sit
and stew, use this time to invest in YOU.