Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Guilty as charged?
The other day a friend commented about my
"hatred" of Donald J. Trump. A false charge
given like Nancy Pelosi, I don't hate the man.
However I do pity him. Still hoping he will
surprise me. And suddenly rise to the crisis
at hand. Ignoring megalomaniacal tendencies
in order to serve we the people. That's what
leaders naturally do in times of trouble. Their
responsibility and hence focus being on all
others - not themselves. Hence my vitriolic
tirades about the gentleman in question. And
his obvious inferior to non existent leadership
skills. At best... he continues to disappoint.
Behind the scenes
It's shouldn't be that hard. Standing with him on
the press briefing dais on a daily basis are several
heroes. Experts who share facts not delusional
speculation and subterfuge. Honest and candid
leaders whose focus is on others not themselves.
Throughout this country local and state officials
are stepping up. Providing guidance, insights,
and inspiration to us all. No matter their party or
philosophical affiliation. Guiding lights leading
us all to a safer place. Leaders by example. Who
by their words and deeds garner our gratitude
and... respect. And in the process dazzle even
the most jaded of skeptics. Guys like me...
All we need is love
If I hate anything it's weakness. or even worse
purposeful self aggrandizement. There simply
is no reason for it. Times like these demand
strength, commitment, and resolve. Along with
a singular focus on serving others. Against all
odds. A phenomena that this writer wishes Mr.
Trump could embrace. Thus if I hate anything,
it's his inability to prove me wrong. To act in
a manner that inspires us all. There is nothing
I would love more than to be forced to change
my opinion about our Commander in Chief.
Therefore whether we love him or hate him -
it continues to be all about the man himself.