Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lordy, lordy, look who's FORTY

Theres a first time for everything
Birthdays are by their very nature reminders
of our mortality. However the gravity of said
situation differs by age. When we're young,
we can't wait to get old. Whereas once time
has marched on... and often over us, we wish
we could count backwards. Benjamin Button
syndrome aside, it's rarely good to backtrack.
Given life is basically an evolutionary process
it's best to adapt to whatever comes our way.
Or even more important - appreciate all that
life affords us. Hence today I am celebrating
one of my life's greatest gifts. My first and in
her opinion foremost daughter "E" is now 40.
Parental guidance required
Four decades ago I was young, foolish, and ill
equipped to become a parent. From the day she
arrived "E" has been a vibrant, complex, and at
times challenging inspiration. One that quite
frankly we often had no idea of how to handle.
Hence as she grew, so did her mom and I. That
said, it wasn't easy. Yet in the end I can never
repay "E" for all that she has given me. Sans
her influence in my life I wonder who or what
I would be today. "E's" trials and tribulations
insured all involved become older and wiser.
Therefore today I celebrate the woman she has
become. One who amazes me on a daily basis.
Reason to celebrate
The older one gets, the more we realize that
life is a full circle experience. Meaning that
at some point we will change the diapers of
those who once did the same for us. All of us
enter this world relying on others. Therefore
it should come as no surprise that in the end,
we exit our time on earth in exactly the same
needy circumstances. Fortunately I'm blessed
to have a daughter who has a passion for life
that knows no bounds. Somehow surviving
her convoluted journey all the better for it.
Older, wiser, kinder, gentler, and resilient
come what may.. Happy fortieth my dear!