Friday, March 20, 2020


Optimist's club
One of life's blessings is learning something
new from those much younger and wiser than
us. Under virtual house arrest in Chicago, my
daughter "M" is doing her best to entertain her
family. Her daily challenge is accentuating the
positive in an attempt to eliminate the negative.
Yesterday was the earliest Vernal Equinox in
124 years. So she orchestrated the above spring
awakening. Providing her family with a wake
up call to rise and shine. Next they'll watch the
season grow while tending the seedlings they
planted a few weeks ago. All of which shows
how much my baby has grown up to inspire!

Green scene
Meanwhile here in central Montana Frank is
experiencing his own growth spurt. Post the
sudden end of a very short summer season
he dug in. A discarded green tomato that is.
Which he planted into the soil under one of
his prized Meyer lemons. As winter passed,
they sprouted in our sunroom hotspot. Soon
growing too big to thrive beneath said citrus.
Now transplanted, they show us that even in
the darkest of times, there is always a bright
spot. No matter what challenges Covid 13
brings, we must blossom rather than wither.
Isn't it time we all behaved like grownups?!

Somewhere over the rainbow
Slowly but surely spring will get here. Our
collective challenge is to enjoy this hiatus.
Who knows when this will all end. Instead
of battling said circumstances, we must dig
in and find the good in it. Which is certain
to be frustrating. As I write my keyboard's
"r" has stopped working. Now I must paste
an "r" every time I need one. And suddenly
I realize how many "r's" there are!! Sadly
all Apple stores are shuttered nationwide
due to Covid 13. So until things calm down,
I will paste away. And rise to the occasion.
Surviving yet another "growth" experience.