Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Before or after?
In theory, the longer we're on this earth the more
comfortable we are in our own skins. Given me,
myself, and I have been together since birth most
assume they know themselves better than others.
However self perception is myopic at best. Hence
it's best to understand how others actually see us
given their perception is our reality. The challenge
is that some "peg" others from an equally selfish
point of view. A negative space that is fueled by
misperceptions based on past imperfect. One that
assumes that how we recall prior events, actions,
and people is actually true. When in reality, what
we think happened may be very different in fact.

Now and then
A moment in time is just that. A random snippet
of events past. Far removed from the context of
who, what, when, or why. No wonder memory
doesn't always serve us best. In that it can warp
actual events via the smoke and mirrors of our
mind's eye. No wonder multiple eye witnesses to
a crime rarely recall the same details. Yet each
of us assume our recollections are correct. And
hence color our view of who did what, when.
Or the key reasons as to why they did just that.
Leaving behind a much fractured remembrance
of times past. One which forgets what actually
happened. A past that is anything but perfect.

Right or wrong?
Add a heaping helping of bitterness. And it's
no wonder that rarely does memory benefit
the here and now. Historical precedence being
a funeral pyre of errors in judgement. Thus
it's best to never assume anything. Nor ever
base one's opinion upon warped recollections
of prior events. Instead one must refresh their
memory. Do some homework. And attempt to
put things in historical context before jumping
to conclusions. Otherwise retribution for any
theoretical crimes inflicts pain upon innocent
targets. Who are only guilty of being punished
for crimes taken completely out of context.
Here and now
Sadly many harbor resentment based on things
long gone. Rather than forgive and forget our
anger festers. Perception versus reality serves
no purpose but to poison our minds. Faced with
a tsunami of ill conceived misperceptions one
must move to higher ground. Rising above the
ensuring backlash. Accepting that no matter
how unfair it may seem, we can't go back. All
one can do is apologize for any prior errors of
our ways. Hoping others will reconsider times
past. Given we don't know what we don't know
one thing is certain. What's done is done. Thus
rather than revert - why not start anew?