Saturday, January 11, 2020


Back to the future
Growing up my mother's friend Ruthie
proudly decorated her home in what she
termed "modern." A no nonsense kind
of gal she was always five steps ahead
of the rest of us. And had no problem
clearing your plate well before you'd
finished that piece of pie. She adored
living in her streamlined world even if
by the seventies it seemed a tad dated.
Yet Ruthie's home still stood out from
the rest. And somehow... I found that
alluring. Who knew that forty years
later, Ruthie would be back in style?!
Repeat performance
Everything comes full circle, thus
it's quite understandable why Mid
Century Modern is le style du jour
once more. Imagine all of the teak
and rosewood ready and waiting to
be rediscovered! Suddenly modern
design is once again within reach.
However now with a higher price
tag. Hence we must troll eBay and
1stDibs to rediscover the "trash"
that we threw out when our folks
downsized. Regrets aside, what's
old is new and isn't that amazing?
Don't go there
Don't get me wrong, some trends may
never return to favor. Thankfully I've
seen no resurgence of the swoops and
goop that was a key element of 1970's
"Mediterranean". Yes, there was a time
when many craved some pseudo shield
with chains trailing to sconces hanging
above their sofa. Fortunately it seems
that we've escaped having to return to
that scene of the crime. However even
as I write this, theres a chance said style
could be rediscovered. Stranger things
have happened. Ready to be shagged?
Not older... better
They say if  you can remember it...
don't wear it. However I'm not sure
that advice applies in home decor.
Some things never go out of style.
Yet nothing ever is a complete and
total repeat performance. Instead
things of the past are subtly adapted,
morphed, and modified to suit our
ever changing tastes and needs. The
resulting adaptation somehow looks
different yet is reassuringly familiar.
Could it be that we're destined to
continuously revisit past imperfect?
Tried and true
It's rare that anything pulled out of the
closet works exactly as is. However
invariably a blast from the past does
inspire. In my opinion there's nothing
wrong with building off prior winners.
Hence a v-neck sweater may expand
or contract as fashion (or waistlines)
dictate. It's hue may shift from bright
to subdued depending on the current
trend. Fabrications vary from merino
to acrylic to cashmere. Yet in the end
"V" always stands for VERSATILITY!
Been there. Done that. And will again!