Friday, January 3, 2020


Hide and seek
Obviously I'm biased. Nor will I deny that
I hold strong opinions. Which I'm more than
willing to reinforce given the opportunity.
However while most of the time I'm right
(or think I am) just as often I'm wrong. In
either case I've still got plenty to learn. And
given prior experience I'm if nothing else an
evolutionary process. A phenomena which
I consider a badge of honor. That's because
while my tendency is to be rather sedentary
in my approach to life, I try to maintain an
open mind. Insuring that life is a growth
experience. Day by day ad infinitum...
Growth experience
In theory we all need to stand for something.
To draw a line in life's proverbial sand. Yet
over time my lines have become a bit wavy
in nature. Evolving with life's ebb and flow.
The end result of introspection and eternal
influences. Some view said lack of rigidity
as weakness. But I consider my willingness
to go with the flow a strength. As tots our
mothers suggested we not jump off a bridge
en masse. However shouldn't we occasionally
consider just that? If we don't push ourselves
to the edge we risk missing the view if offers.
Why not take a peak and rise to the occasion?
Eye spy
Exactly what are you missing? Sans pain there
is little to no gain. Hence a lengthy walk on the
wild side often confirms how good we've got it.
Give and take benefits all involved. Affording
ourselves and others access to a plethora of new
people, places, and perspectives. Which can
transport us to a better place. Throughout my
brief time on this planet I've found that life is
full of surprises. Assuming anything is at best
foolhardy. Better to look, listen, and learn prior
to leaping to a conclusion. So the next time
you think you've got the answer, ask yourself
this question. "Do I know what I don't know?"