Friday, January 10, 2020


On a wing and a prayer
There are times when it seems like the world
is against us. The other evening our furnace
went out. Well... not exactly. Suddenly it felt
cooler. Post a check of our furnace - a bright
red hue covered it's screen. With the read out
displaying "LOCK OUT." And suddenly it
seemed like all was lost. Or our comfort zone
at least. As if that wasn't enough, a bevy of
bombs dropped from the sky in Iraq. And soon
we learned that Iran had literally pushed their
button. Leaving Frank and I to wonder "what
next?" Were we to be out in the cold amidst
a literal flurry of aggressive cold war events?
Press and repeat
As we went to bed all things seemed to point
towards war. Fortunately by the next morning
cooler heads prevailed and it seemed that we
had dodged said bullet. Meanwhile the night
prior I had pushed the furnace "reset" button
and quickly the house was warm once more.
Deferring an impending and thus no longer
emergency house call from our furnace expert.
However that didn't stop me from getting that
fluttering feeling deep in my gut. One created
by a sense of doom fueled in part by discord
and turmoil in Washington over the two quite
inescapable "I's." Iran and... impeachment.
Hide and seek
Normally I'm not a worrier. However in times
like these it's hard not to be filled with angst
over all sorts of things. One day the market is
flying higher than a kite. The next it's dropped
to new lows. Today you are perfectly happy.
While tomorrow one just might jump off of
that bridge. The fact is nothing is ever what it
seems to be. Nor is anything guaranteed. Thus
all we can do is hope. And believe that even the
worst of times can be forerunners to the best of
everything. In times like these most of us cocoon.
We hide, heal, and hope things will get better.
Then later emerge triumphant in all of our glory...
Up, up and away
Even the ugliest of challenges can transform into
glorious revelations. Therefore like a butterfly at
times it's best to literally "chill." To hide away.
To let go and let God. However that's easier said
than done. For me the only way to relieve that ill
feeling within is to do something about it. Thus
I write and share whatever is bothering me. By
the time I'm finished, things are never as bad as
I thought they were. What about you? How do
you cope? What enables you to deal with life's
butterflies? Wherever, whenever, or however do
you find a way to fly free from all that ails you?
Isn't it time you finally spread your wings?!