Thursday, January 11, 2018


Out of order
The older we get - the more we become set
in our ways. Gone are the days of dancing
till dawn. Or awakening in a strange place
with no idea how you got there. We used to
consider ourselves risk takers. Yet as time
marches on, the more entrenched we seem
to become. And suddenly one realizes that
we've become the embodiment of what we
once considered old. Cranky curmudgeons
who resist if not battle change. Erstwhile
dreamers who wistfully want things as they
once were. Yet failing physical issues aside
we're actually the BEST we've ever been.
Tour guide
I'm blessed with a better half who pushes me
to new places whether I like it or not. While
Frank is older than me, he has always had the
heart and soul of an adventurer. Since we met
he's dragged his reluctant spouse to see and
do things previous unimaginable. Post opting
to give up our apartment in Manhattan Frank
has been hell bent on enjoying every minute
of the time we have yet. However both of us
were surprised when suddenly I joined said
party. And have actively engaged in breaking
my routine and doing what comes (for me)
unnaturally! It's been quite a surprise party!
Packing it in
These past few weeks have been logistically
challenging. We've been packing a plethora
of personal bits and pieces and shipping them
to Montana. It's amazing how much stuff we
had accumulated - even in a fully furnished
apartment. Sixteen boxes later - everything
is on it's way "home." Which means it's time
to play! Yesterday we vicariously ventured
down to Chinatown for a late lunch. Post a
nap on the subway home I suggested we go
to the movies rather than settle in for the night.
By ten thirty p.m. we were having a late night
supper. So for now it's life in the fast lane!
Missing in action
Last week we went to the theater, dined at new
restaurants, and watched go-go boys dance on
a bar in Hells Kitchen. All during what was one
of the worst cold snaps in Manhattan's history!
Proving that even this old dog can be taught a
few new tricks. All of which might have you
wondering why any of this has to do with you.
Well, the fact is that all of the above (and much
more) has been here for the taking 24/7/365.
However for reasons well within our control,
we never took advantage of all that Manhattan
had to offer. Now that our time here is over,
we're rediscovering all we've been missing.
Shake it up!
Wherever one lives. Whatever one does. We
all has some control over our destiny. Hence
there's no excuse for sitting home and doing
nothing. Even in a rather isolated place such
as Lewistown Montana there are quite a few
options to keep oneself busy. The only thing
standing in your way is you. If you must have
structure in your life then do whatever it takes
to schedule some change to the grind. Sign up
for ballroom or square dance lessons. Join the
church choir. Establish a weekly "date night."
There is a world of new experiences out there
waiting to be enjoyed. BOOGIE DOWN!