Monday, January 15, 2018

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I hate goodbyes
Which is why I prefer hellos. There
is little more fun than discovering a
new friend. EXCEPT reconnecting
with an old one after eons apart. The
energy one gets from  a reunion is
much more positive than the regret
one feels as they part ways. Hence
today we stealthily exit Manhattan
rather than say goodbye. Running
away is best for all of us. However
if history repeats itself, we could be
back before  you know it! Trust me,
stranger things have happened!!

Miss Otis regrets
Leaving town is no indication that
I'm ready nor able to part with the
ones who we cherish most. Nor
willing to assume you still won't
be part of my life go-forward. We
may not dine as frequently but we
can chat 24/7/365 via text or even
e-mail. We just couldn't bear the
idea of spending our last days on
the isle of Manhattan at our wake.
Therefore instead we packed up
our things and simply went home.
Which is exactly where we belong!

Sorry wrong number 
Anybody who knows me is fully
aware that the telephone is not
my preferred communication
mode. So let's make this clear.
You know I love to chat. It's even
been confirmed that occasionally
I might communicate too much.
That said my preferred chat room
is face-to-face not via some wire.
Several of you have suggested I
consider Skype or FaceTime. But
why risk over exposure meeting
in one's pajamas sans makeup?!
Write or wrong
Given I've no issue with blabbing
endlessly as I blog, my preference
is the written word. So please feel
free to drop me a line via snail mail,
e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or text.
That's the only way I can guarantee
a speedy response. Or leave a voice
mail and I'll call you back next year!
I love to staccato repartee of virtual
chat. Somehow I seem funnier and
wiser via typed versus uttered quips.
So please keep all of those cards and
letters coming! WE'LL MISS YOU!
Pit stop
Obviously I can't invite all to stay
at our Montana home. And given
E. Braun is no longer nearby, just
replacing worn linens will be quite
the challenge. Thus our guest rooms
must be reserved for our nearest or
dearest. However if you're in the
neighborhood, stop by for a drink.
Then we'll take you to dinner. We
adore all of you. Therefore even in
Lewistown Montana - nothing gives
us more pleasure than saying hello!
God be with you till we meet again!