Monday, January 29, 2018


Some loathe it. Others run away at the very
thought. A few go south to never come back.
Then there's me. For more reasons than I can
possibly recount, I adore winter. Not because
I love freezing my ass off. Nor do I relish the
task of shoveling snow or battling the blues.
What I adore is the solitude that comes with
this time of the year when it's best to hunker
down and get cozy. Timing is everything.
Which is why I'm so grateful that our most
recent transition from Manhattan to Montana
happened in January. What better way to start
off the year than cocooning close to home!
Short order
If nothing else, a chill in the air inspires me.
This weekend I spent much of my time in
the kitchen. Not only the warmest room of
the house, it's the place where I get comfort
from preparing and serving comfort food.
Saturday night I prepared a classic one pot
boiled dinner for Frank's father and a friend.
Not only was it easy, after simmering on the
back burner for over five hours the corned
beef was fab! Last night I roasted a chicken
for the two of us. Plus two yams, a creamed
kale gratin, and some apples crammed full
of maple syrup, pecans, cinnamon, and butter.
At this point in life, simplicity seems offer the
most satisfaction to both Frank and I. Over our
lifetimes we've had the privilege and pleasure
to over indulge in too many of the better things.
However all of the fuss that accompanies such
indulgences only grows more tiresome with age.
Suddenly one discovers that it's so much more
enjoyable to feed one's souls by the fireside in
the comfort of your own home. Given we no
longer feel the need to impress, we finally can
let our hair down and truly relax. Somehow
finally seeing the light becomes all the more
appropriate during the darkest days of winter.
Be prepared
Fortunately staying cozy and warm enhances
one's outlook. In my opinion there really isn't
a season that's prettier than winter in central
Montana. Last night it snowed and we awoke
to a glorious layer of flocking lingering on all
surfaces outside. Thus my favorite winter sport
is to just enjoy the view. Frank's garden is fast
asleep beneath it's blanket of white. Said hiatus
enables Frank to plan for the next season, Thus
he pours over his stash of seed catalogs, garden
guides, and horticultural publications. For now
he can dream sans any responsibility of tending
his plot! Very soon he'll be deep in the weeds!
Optimist's club
So rather than complain, I plan to stay out of
the cold and chill over the next few months.
Once the warm weather finally arrives here in
central Montana - so do visitors. Soon we'll be
hosting a plethora of family and friends as they
come to enjoy our beautiful weather. While all
of that excitement is fun at the time, having the
time to clean out a drawer or binge watch The
Crown is just as enjoyable. Hence all the more
reasons why winter to me is anything but the
time of my discontent. My only fear is whether
I'll be able to get my act together before spring
blooms! So here's to a long and happy winter!