Saturday, November 11, 2017


The other day I asked one of
my friends what she planned
to do this weekend. With a
wistful far away look in her
eyes she responded "nothing."
While such a respite may not
sound all that glamorous there
is nothing more decadent as
a weekend spent blissfully at
home... alone. The ultimate
in self indulgence is getting
away from it all in the cozy
confines of home sweet home.
If for no other reason than little
feels as good as laying around
the house in one's "jammies."
It's as relaxing as a cruise in the
Caribbean but so much cheaper!
While it may seem a bit messy,
not having to dress for success
allow one to do whatever comes
naturally. Rather than attend that
tedious dinner party - call in sick
and order in a greasy feast! It's
your weekend so why don't you
kick back and WORK IT GIRL!
What's most special about a lazy
weekend is that one discovers all
that they've been missing while
at work.  Suddenly life blooms
in brilliant technicolor. And one
finally sees the light cast by the
late morning sun. Or blacks out
as they enjoy that second cup of
coffee as they review n a week's
worth of news. It's as decadent
as a shopping spree at Saks yet
costs nothing. And what's better
than some afternoon delight?!
After a hard day at home, I enjoy
nothing more than dinner chez moi.
Whether you feast on left overs or
cook up a storm, everything tastes
better in than out. Solitude seems
to be much easier to digest. Plus a
day of doing nothing always works
up an appetite. So why not do nada
today and tomorrow?! Lock your
door, turn off your phone, turn on
Netflix, and start your staycation!
Do just that and I'm certain you'll
be happy come Monday morning!