Friday, November 24, 2017


Razzle dazzle
Last week the kick off to the holidays started in
Manhattan. Bergdorf Goodman unveiled their
windows. This year each an homage one to the
city's great cultural organizations. As usual they
were the best of the bunch. Barney's continues
be uber hip by handing over their glass boxes
to the Haas Brothers. A hipster duo whose work
only reinforces that I am getting old. In addition
Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Tiffany's opened up
their holiday windows for all to see last week.
Monday Saks did that same. Tuesday Bloomie's
finished last but not least. Now it's official - the
holiday season is officially open for shopping.
Back to the future
The same is happening here in Lewistown.
Upon our arrival last week it was obvious
Santa's elves have been at work. "Seasons
Greetings" pendants swing from the light
posts. Star banners hang down Main Street.
The windows of the historic Elks building
(also known as Megahertz) are filled with
twinkling lights, decorated trees, and tiny
candles. All of which indicate that it's new
restaurant is about to open! Just in time for
our Christmas Stroll held this afternoon and
evening. Lewistown's "Black Friday" is not
only different than anywhere else - it's best!
Walk this way
In the midst of another hiatus from the retail
arena - I admit I don't miss Black Friday!
While local merchants will offer their share
of bargains - most locals consider today the
time to start celebrating the holidays rather
than busting down doors. Starting around
2 p.m. through the early evening - our Main
Street will be closed to traffic. There will be
bonfires burning brightly as our merchants
open their doors and start the season right.
That means friends, family, food, and the
occasional toddy. Plus the elf run, parade
of lights and snowball drop of prizes! Wow!
Bright lights
Tonight the Bright Country Nights light show
starts at the fairgrounds till Sunday. Back in
Manhattan the tree at Rockefeller Center
lights up for the eighty fifth year. With the
help of celebs Brett Etheridge, Gwen Stefani,
Jennifer Nettles, Pentonix, Leslie Odom Jr.,
and The Tenors. It will be a fun evening but
I'm glad we'll be here in Lewistown with all
who we love rather than battling the crowds
on Fifth Avenue. New York City pulls out
the stops for the holiday season. However at
this point I prefer to enjoy the simpler things
in life. Isn't that what the holidays are about?
Time out
Celebrations aside, theres one reason I'm
excited about this holiday. We plan to do
absolutely nothing to celebrate the season.
No decorating. No tree. No presents. No
dinners. No fuss. You see, we're escaping.
And while our plans are still not finalized
(I know... I know...) one thing is certain.
Which is that we're going to be anyplace
but home. Post spending Thanksgiving
with our family we'll return to Manhattan
until sometime in January. From there we
will sneak away to some place warm. And
for the first time in years I'm so excited!
Blest be the tie that binds...
Somewhere along the way I lost the joy of
Christmas. Rather than consider it festive,
it became a frenzied mass of foolishness.
Over the years we've tried to simplify but
somehow the season always ended up too
complicated. So... we're simply not going
to participate this year. And I'm hoping this
purge will revive our appreciation of the
holidays. Or better yet, help us rediscover
that all we really need to be happy is love
alone. After all, isn't that what Christmas
is all about? Celebrating the ultimate gift
of love? Could it be that LESS IS MORE?!