Friday, June 9, 2017


What gives anybody the right to force
their opinion on others? Sometimes
I question why I write this blog. And
why all of you read it. The content is
whatever is on my mind (or heart). It
can be silly, self indulgent, or highly
offensive. At times I can even get a bit
"preachy". Therefore I occasionally
step back and evaluate whether such
a public diatribe truly has any value.
I realize that my interests, tastes,
and orientation are not universal.
Yet almost a thousand start their
day with java and montanaroue.
Nothing is more gratifying than
the affirmation of my followers.
Yet I can't help but wonder what
you glean from my daily spew?
But as a friend, I hope it's good!

It's fascinating that whatever
is on my mind matters to you.
The original intent of this blog
was to process my journey in
life. Therefore you are forced
to be my travel companion as
I figure things out. I'm lucky
to not have to sort through my
fears, follies, or foibles solo.
There's safety in numbers...

Ultimately only my intention is
to clear my head as I live and
learn. Your support reinforces
the benefit of said process and
my post trauma revelations. For
that I'm beyond grateful given
in this frenzied world it's easy to
assume that I'm in the minority.
Realizing that others find value
in said spew affirms that it's all
worth the effort. Thus I plan to
continue to fork it over, Hoping
that this blog satisfies us ALL!