Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Mission impossible
In our modern world of wonders it's easy to
become complacent. Over the last decade
or three we've become conditioned to trust
technology much to our disadvantage. Yet
your computer, laptop, pad, or phone is not
as reliable as you may think. Thus unlike
that Frigidaire that's still humming down in
Mom's basement after fifty years, it suddenly
lets you down. Leaving one to pick up the
pieces if they can find them. Such an abrupt
dismissal is not only unnerving, it destroys
one's trust in techno tidbits. Suddenly we
realize the wizard is actually a charlatan.
Words alone can't express
Pictures and words make this blog tick. And
if I'm honest, I hear more about the images
shared herein than anything else. People ask
exactly how I do it. And the answer is very
carefully. For years I've gathered a rather
voluminous file of vintage photographs and
illustrations. All kept on a separate thumb
drive in order to protect my computer itself.
Whether that truly mattered or not it - it has
mattered to me. Separating church from state
made me feel safer. Last night I was adding
fodder to said resource when all of a sudden
it all disappeared. My safety net blew up.
Who dunnit?
I don't know about you but I find the idea
of my computer telling me what I can't do
rather offensive. After all it's job is to help
not hinder. To facilitate all my needs and
in the process fuel my every desire. Then
all off a sudden like a cheating spouse it
utters the most shocking revelation. And
in a moment... I'm left without one of the
more important helpmates. Meaning that
much like those left behind post a disaster,
I'll never see my loved ones again. All has
literally vaporized and the only way to get
them back is to start all over again...
Back to the future
Immediately I searched the web for any help.
Subsequently traveling down all cyber rabbit
holes in an attempt to revive deceased data.
All to no avail. Thus once more I must start
anew. Which means I'll be riding the digital
seas in order to visualize what words cannot
say alone. In the midst of such post traumatic
stress syndrome I'm afforded an opportunity
to embrace reality. Meaning that even in our
modern world we need some sort of backup.
In other words we can't rely on anybody or
thing but ourselves. Just because it's easy
doesn't mean there isn't some risk involved.
Gone fishin'
I'm coming to the conclusion that much like all
of those "dummy" books - the term easy is just
as easily be interchanged with foolish. Blithely
utilizing technology sans any responsibility will
only get us all in trouble. Skipping key steps to
insure all is kept on the record only guarantees
disaster. In theory everything you want to save
for posterity plus all that you wish had never
happened resides deep within some hard drive.
However it seems that only geeks or the FBI
are able to access it. Leaving fools like us to
wonder why we've suddenly and totally lost it.
Or... are we better off sans all of that baggage?
Past tense
Somehow I'm able to reach out to thousands
of you on a daily basis. Yet all could be lost
due to some "glitch" beyond my control. At
times I've investigated putting my blog posts
on paper. However where would I store them?
Do I really think that some wall of three ring
binders guarantees me a place in history? Of
course I probably have stored them on some
"cloud" that I pay a monthly fee to maintain.
However how does data get from here... to
there. And can one really trust some wispy
place that one can't see, touch, or rely on?!
Maybe I need an alternative back up plan?
History repeats itself
This boomer needs some sort of a paper trail.
My parents stored most of their valuables in
a fire proof metal box. Their most important
items safely resided at the bank vault within
a safety deposit box. Why don't any of us see
the need to have the equivalent in nowadays?
The fact is anybody can steal almost anything
via the internet including elections. So why
do we all rely on vaporous validation versus
concrete proof?! While still deep in mourning
I'm considering my recent loss a wake up call.
Salvation awaits. But is the solution to my
woes within me or waiting at the help desk?