Saturday, June 3, 2017


Day 1: 7:30pm MST
The best part about Lewistown
is it's location. The worst part
about Lewistown it's location.
Tonight after a wedding we'll
drive to Billings so I can catch
my plane the next morning. It
ain't easy but we've no choice!
Day 1: 8:30pm MST
Billings is 126 miles away.
Taking you through Grass
Range, population 109 and
Roundup, population 1,839.
Meaning that in order to get
me where I'm going, Frank
drives five hours roundtrip!
For visitors the trip is fun.
For locals, it's a long haul.
Day 1: 9:45pm MST
With a population of 108.869
Billings is Montana's largest
metropolis. However after a
two hour drive all that we'll
do check in and fall asleep.
Thus our time in the big city
as but one purpose. Which is
to insure that I get where I'd
I'd rather NOT go! If only I
could be where I want to be!
Day 2: 4:15am MST
After awakening I'll catch the
hotel shuttle and go through
Billings "thorough" security.
With only ten gates, all flights
connect via hubs like Denver,
Salt Lake, or Minneapolis.
Day 2: 5:45am MST
Once on the plane I'll settle
in for the ride. My first stop
is Minneapolis. On the way
we soar atop an endless sea
of western turf. However in
truth viewing nothing from
above can be mundane. So
I'll watch one of the movies
I've loaded on my I-Pad. Or
try to grab some shut eye.

Day 2: 8:45am CST
Making any connection can be
challenging, especially if tight.
Yet given the option of sitting
or running, I'll take a sprint.
And wish I owned a private jet.
Day 2: 9:51 am CST
Airport terminals are desolate
places. "Malls" or dining can't
make up for the fact that you're
a prisoner. Soon I'm seated on
another plane. Within hours I'll
arrive at the next stop on my
way to reality, PITTSBURGH!
Day 2: 12:55 pm EST
Not Paris, Pittsburgh! Rather
that return to Manhattan, my
final destination is our home
office. Which means that post
collecting my bag, I must rent
a car, and drive two hours to
Morgantown, West Virginia.
Day 4: 10:00 pm EST
By the time I arrive at my hotel, I will still
not be home.The subsequent two days will
be spent working hard. Then I'll drive back
to Pittsburgh to catch a plane to Manhattan.
I'll arrive at my home away from home at
about 10 p.m. And then it will be time to
unpack and start doing my laundry. All as
I dream of returning returning to Montana.
Is such a circuitous trip worth the effort?
Absolutely. We all need an escape hatch.
A place where we can reconnect with who
we are. If you haven't found it yet, enjoy
the journey there... BON VOYAGE!