Thursday, November 3, 2016


How bad can it be?
Much like many a Tennessee William's heroine,
I'm inclined to reject the ugly side of life. Even
while awful things and people may lurk behind
the scenes, I'd rather be Pollyanna and look on
the bright side. Sadly this political season has
forced us to come face to face with our hidden
enemies. Those consumed with anger, hatred,
and revenge. One only has to log on-line to
see them post their true selves. And often it's
so awful, so offensive, and so pervasively evil
that one fears for our future. One could argue
that we're better off NOT knowing the truth.
However at this point we can't deny reality.
Bad or badder...
Evil is everywhere. As proven by the plethora
of disturbing images that greet us each morning.
Take the photo shown at the top of today's blog.
This historic church in Greenville Mississippi
was violated by a group that felt validated to
leave their message on it's walls for all to see.
We really shouldn't be all that surprised given
white supremacists are funding robo cop calls
in Utah and other states slandering candidates
running against theirs. For whatever reason they
feel validated enough to no longer hide under
their hoods. And to boldly endorse a candidate
for President with no worry of repercussions.
From bad to worse
Confronted with such ignorance, most of us
recoil with disdain. However it seems that
during this election cycle many have opted
to reveal their true selves. To unveil what
has been hidden behind some strategically
postured premise. And that my friends is
beyond terrifying. Deep within me lurks the
hope that good will overcome evil. However
if I've learned nothing else during this sordid
electoral cycle it's that there's an awful lot of
bad going on out there. Hence my angst over
the possibility that those with avarice on their
agenda could end up in control of you or me!
Badlands of Montana
Here in Central Montana we have a former
state senator who is a case in point. Said
gentleman represented our area within the
Montana State Legislature for many years.
Hence one would hope that he had our best
interests at heart. However his obviously
warped perspective must have skewed his
efforts. Yesterday I decided to look him
up on Facebook. While I've no intention
of naming names, many of you know who
I am talking about. The result of my deep
dive was journey into a pit of hateful filth
and muck. The likes of which I can't abide.
As bad as it gets
Frankly I was dumbfounded. How could any
public servant spread such HATE?! Most of
the man in question's page was filled with
poison from others that he passed along. But
his personal additions took it to another base
level. But it wasn't his all consuming hatred
that concerned me the most. Rather it was
the fact that he has over a thousand "friends."
And that we shared several. Their paranoid,
punitive, and perverse comments were even
worse than his. And suddenly people I had
once "liked" became questionable at best.
Leading me to consider all "deplorable."
Out for bad behavior
It's been said that familiarity breeds contempt.
Thus my naivety has disappeared once I got
to know the lay of this land. Fortunately the
majority of those I've come to know are good
hearted people. Whatever their political side,
they only have the best of intentions. My hope
is that they represent the majority not minority.
However all of this horrible hype has led me
to the conclusion that apathy is our greatest
enemy. For whatever reason many prefer to
opt out of what they consider a futile exercise
in voting. However unless we all participate in
this election we may all end up in a bad place.
Bad decisions
If you do nothing else on November 8th, VOTE.
Rarely does one get an opportunity to draw such
a literal line in the sand. While both candidates
are flawed, one must be judged by the company
he keeps. Therefore a vote for Trump aligns you
with bigots, racists, Putins, and such. Supporting
him is an endorsement of hatred and prejudice.
I'm certain some of you will use any excuse to
explain your support. However be assured that
based on those one aligns with - this man and
others may never look at you in the same way.
So whatever your conscience is telling you,
think before you make that BAD decision.