Friday, November 4, 2016


Animal instinct
Recently I feel like I've been through a refresher
course in animal husbandry. The care and nature
of local beasts is quite a challenging proposition.
For example, should one opt to back them into a
corner, chances are they will attack you. Another
instance is that if one decides to poke a stick into
a bear's cage - invariably said creature lashes out
in retribution. However when it comes to dealing
with the human species it has become very clear
that if one reveals an unspoken truth or hidden
agenda, the perpetrator gets rather hot under the
collar. Thus my past few days have been focused
on what can only be considered herding vermin.
Dead beats
Rumor and innuendo are the most poisonous of
subterfuge. Much like black mold, just when you
think you've finally put it to rest, it rears it's ugly
head once more. During this election season I've
been confronted with what can only be considered
tales from the crypt. Ancient gossip that is easily
dispelled should one simply dig into the facts with
the right people. However if confronted by truth,
most modern day naysayers immediately accuse
one of participating in some sort of conspiracy.
When did sharing facts versus fiction become
immediate proof of a hidden agenda? When will
this silliness end? Or have we hit the dead end?
High society
I've decided that "nasty" is most definitely the
perfect description of our current and obviously
dire circumstances. On the local front there are
those who have no problem with aggressively
stepping over the line of propriety.  They name
names, point fingers, and spewing slanderous
slurs. Yet what is most fascinating is that said
offenders claim that they are the victims of
"elitists." I don't know about you but if rising
above the fray for the good of others propels
one into a higher stratosphere then so be it. Why
is it that the ones making the biggest noise often
lack much of anything beyond brazen bravado?
Above all else
As Michelle Obama has suggested, we must not
allow our opponents to drag us down in the mud.
If taking the high road labels one as elitist - then
I'm in! If one looks back throughout history, those
who have opted to behave in an elevated manner
against all odds invariably achieve the greatest of
things. Gandhi defined grace and strength under
fire. And few have changed our world in a more
dignified manner than Martin Luther King.Thus
in truth great men and women rarely must employ
histrionics to make their point. Rather they simply
tell it like it is in a bold yet humble manner. And
in the process lift us up to a much better place.
High anxiety
In times like these we yearn for great leaders.
Those of us who somehow survive the fire and
brimstone spewed by our enemies. Like many
times before, we need leaders who are willing
to stand up for what is right. And also be wise
enough to know that we're not perfect and hence
must be able to teach us a lesson or two. There
has to be some point when this free for all stops.
Sadly, those left behind must assume the noble
task of picking up the pieces left behind. I don't
know about you but I can't wait for that time to
come. This "elitist" for one is ready to move
onward and upward. Are you coming with me?