Thursday, November 10, 2016


Twilight zone
Now that the dust has settled it easy to put things
in perspective. By dust I mean that our electrician
has finished installing most of our new outdoor
lighting. And suddenly our beautiful century old
Horse Chestnut tree is actually more fabulous in
the dark. Now that it's illuminated from the base,
it's bare trunk and branches are as inspiring as any
work of art. Suddenly with a flick of a switch our
backyard turns into an amazing enclave. And so,
even if we still don't have a lawn or most of our
landscaping, our outlook has improved greatly.
Proof that with the right lighting everything can
look better. Thus theres still time to lighten up!
Bare facts
The older that one gets, the more one realizes the
importance of strategically placed mood lighting.
Once the lights are dimmed, everybody and just
about everything looks better. Thus as the ravages
of time advance, many of us tend to move over to
the dark side. Nothing is worse than having one's
faults exposed in the bare glare of an unfettered
or aggressive light source. Therefore most of an
advanced vintage tend to throw shade. Thus no
exposed bulbs anywhere, anytime. Yet limiting
watts watt can be challenging in these days of
halogen and squiggly compact fluorescents. All
of which makes it hard to dim by comparison.
In the pink
Like most optimists, I prefer to view my world
through rose colored glasses. Well, actually my
preference is to bask in the subtle glow of an
incandescent pink light bulb. In my opinion -
theres really no better way to look one's best.
However said traditional form of illumination
has all but disappeared. A year ago we stocked
up on several cases of said rosy sparks of hope.
Yet I can't help but worry what will happen if
and when we run out. All of a sudden could all
of our shortcomings be exposed by the harsh
reality of some blue hue? Or will somebody
invent a new kinder and gentler light source?
Go with the glow
Like almost every gay man, I long ago fell
in love with the rheostat or dimmer switch.
Maintaining such delicate balance of one's
personal illumination is surely the best way
to properly shed light on one's situation. A
long time ago man discovered the benefits
of lighting one's fire. Hence the warming
glow of the fireside plus a sea of flickering
candles always sets the proper mood. My
mother served dinner by candlelight. Such
a serenely subtle setting was the best way
to end the day - whether it was a good or
bad one. No wonder I'm such a flamer!
Tunnel vision
All of the above is hopefully indication of
my never ending attempts to always see the
light. This electoral process has been a dark
time for all of us. Frankly while I know we
must now move on, I'm paralyzed with fear,
angst, and disgust. If there still is light at the
end of this tunnel, for now I'm unable to find
the switch. Thus the only illumination I seem
able to muster is artificial at best. Obviously
I've no choice but to see the bright side. Yet
I worry that our darkest days lie ahead. Thus
from now on I'll try my best to head towards
the light as I pray for illumination. Shine on!