Saturday, September 17, 2016


Time is of the essence
One of the greatest revelations that I've
come to during my semi "retirement"
has been the realization that weekends
will always be weekends. There seems
to be a natural cadence to all of our lives
however we're employed. Hence after
several days of "work" - we all crave
some time for ourselves. While in truth
I haven't punched the clock in several
years, in reality I've been busier than
I've ever been. Therefore by late Friday
afternoon, I'm ready to kick back, relax,
and have some fun. After all I earned it!
Who can explain why some days seem
different than others? In theory every
twenty four hour span is the same as
the other. Yet Friday nights are reason
to celebrate. Saturday mornings are
somewhat sedentary. And Sunday
afternoons are invariably blurred by
a haze that can only be lifted post a
long nap. It's obvious that each of us
needs time to rest up for the oncoming
onslaught that Mondays bring. And so
we "chill" for two days - whether we
collect a paycheck or not!
Business as usual
The only explanation that I can offer
is that commerce fuels our collective
calendars no matter what we do or
don't for a living. Meaning that while
every day is the same to me - others
must organize around doing business
as usual. There within lies the reason
why meetings convene but five days
a week. And why few if any of us are
willing to give others the time of day
post five p.m. Most important it also
explains the rationale behind holding
celebrations on a Saturday or Sunday.
Stop, drop, and roll
I can only speak for myself. Every week
begins and ends with a tsunami of tasks,
confabs, and communiques. Monday is
always booked to the hilt. The days that
follow are equally consumed with all of
the business at hand. Thus it isn't until
Friday that I'm able to sit at my desk and
get something accomplished. There's little
I love more than the sense of satisfaction
of a job well done. Hence while in theory
I'm ready, willing, and able 24/7 - by late
Friday it's quitting time. I'm ready to stop
whatever I'm doing and start doing nothing!
Five o'clock shadow
Much like the old days, my weekend
still begins around five p.m. on Friday
afternoon. Invariably we raise a glass
together to symbolize a seismic shift
in priorities. Last night we dined out
as a family. Catching up on everything
each of us had been up to for the past
few days. Today we plan to do nothing
which in my opinion is the perfect way
to spend a Saturday. Sunday we'll take
Frank's dad out for a ride and then have
an early supper. And before we know
it, we'll be ready to start all over again!