Saturday, September 10, 2016

The green, green grass of home

Mown over
Yesterday the team from Alpine laid out
a lush green carpet across our front and
street side yards. Atop what was until
recently a dust bowl now sits a rather
gentrified expanse. Suddenly all is right
with our world. And after living with
the dirty results of no ground cover,
the grass is truly greener on our side of
the street. This morning's rain couldn't
have been a better welcome party for
our newfound friend. And while there
is still much work to be done, a verdant
end to our landscaping is now in sight.

Pop goes the weasel
If only the rest of the world was as happy
a place. Awakening to news that North
Korea has launched another nuclear test
is more than disturbing. All forces seem
to be aligned against peace on this earth.
Whether crazed dictators, presidential
candidates, or terrorists, everybody has
a hidden agenda. All ready to pounce at
whomever, wherever, whenever. And
at least for me, I find that very turmoil
disturbing. One can easily worry about
all of the above and more. Yet… is there
anything we can do to fix this mess?

History repeats itself
A backward glance shows that denizens
of our globe spin in cycles. Thus if we
consider our past, there have and always
will be victims and victors. Tough times
seem to cluster in places across the world
with disturbing regularity. Therefore the
Dark Ages were life changing for all on
earth as were all the many wars. Everyone
felt the chill of the cold war and some still
live under the remnants of it's icy grip.
Thus much like those before us, all one
can do is rise above such circumstances.
Even if they're beyond our control.

How green was my valley
Some suggest we build a wall to protect
ourselves. Throughout history barriers to
external factors have proved ineffective.
Recently I watched a documentary about
the descendants of Nazi leaders entitled
"Hitler's Children." Ranier Hoess, whose
grandfather ran Auschwitz shared family
photos of his father and siblings frolicking
in a verdant walled garden. Within said
enclosure the grass was most definitely
greener. Yet the children were warned to
wash ripe strawberries prior to eating as
they were covered with an odd dust.

Too close to home
Upon visiting said site, the grandson found
his family's heaven literally sat next door to
over a million Jew's hell. The reality that the
death factory's chimneys stood within 1000
feet of his family's oasis was disturbing. Yet
it wasn't until he stood at the gate where his
grandfather exited to "work" that he sobbed.
How could his forefather kiss his wife and
children and then orchestrate the murder of
thousands of innocent people everyday? It's
beyond comprehension that such evil lay
outside their loving home. Or worse within
the hearts of those it's walls protected.

The devil you know
They say that ignorance is bliss. At times
it's rather easy to avoid the gravitas of
reality. Each of us has more than enough
to keep us busy. Yet at some point evil
comes our way. Here in central Montana
we're insulated from the world's worries.
And yet scattered throughout the verdant
prairies that surround us are missile sites.
All ready and waiting to be fired at some
far away enemy. Thus in truth, we live
poised on the brink of extinction. All
that is required is somebody deciding
that it's time to push that button…

Blast off
Hence while my personal preference is to
live in a fantasy world, I've no choice but
to face facts. Each of us has a choice on
November 8th. While some may joke that
said selection involves choosing the lessor
of two evils, ultimately we will hand over
our futures to one or the other. Therefore
at least for me, I'm confront with a rather
sobering dilemma. All that one can ask of
themselves is who has the fortitude, resolve,
wisdom, and self control to make the right
decisions Our lives will literally be in one
of their hands. It's time to think about who.