Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On the up and up
It's all about attitude. That's my
conclusion. Optimism is our best
weapon against oppression. The
other day I came upon a quote
that remaining calm is the key to
power. Having been in more than
a few incendiary situations I agree.
Thus I'm resolved to keeping a
level head no matter the challenge.
Holding one's own seems to be the
best way to overcome obstacles.
If nothing else there is dignity in
simply surviving against all odds.
Prey tell
I'm no pacifist. Therefore I'm not willing
nor able to lie down and take it unless
that's my ulterior motive. I've no patience
for repeat offenders. Those who prefer to
play the victim may derive some pleasure
out of oppression. However I've decided
that the ultimate power tool is just being
happy with the here and now. Happily
going about one's way may not seem the
most valiant of exercises. Yet invariably
optimism gains momentum.. Thus if we
each take the high road, in the end we'll
end up in a much better place - together!
Paint the town
Perception is reality. As with urban
renewal a change in attitude can alter
one's outlook. Most look to others for
inspiration. It's not rocket science. If
a homeowner improves their property
the rest of the block follows by their
example. Such optimism is infectious.
Whereas negativity is cancerous. Any
survivor of a disaster never thought
of defeat. Rather they aggressively
pursued any escape route available.
Instead of waiting for someone else to
rescue them - they saved themselves.
Secret weapon
Are you willing to lose? I'm not thus
my plan is to do everything within my
power to succeed. But how? By seeing
the best in every situation. Like it or
not most of us only have control over
how we react. Thus donning a layer of
stress and angst over things beyond
our power renders us powerless. And
while overcoming the odds can seem
an exercise in futility - maintaining
one's reserve often yields better results.
So no histrionic outbursts. Instead just
look them dead in the eye and SMILE.
Like it or not
At some point we must accept that
we can't fix everything. Battling the
world is a waste of time and energy.
Instead one can win one war at a
time. The best way to defer other's
negativity is to ignore it. That's how
most LGBT people survive. Long
ago both Frank and I accepted that
some people won't like us for who
we are. The only way to open their
eyes is to live out in the open. And
so, day by day we change our reality
by altering their perception. Get it?
Easy does it
I've no idea just what a stiff upper lip
really is. However it's been proven
time and again that any sign of frailty
empowers one's enemies. We can't let
them get to us. Which is why they'll
get no argument from me. Rather than
raise my voice in anger, my plan is to
continue to quietly raise the issues at
hand. Slow and steady wins the race.
Ignorance is bliss. Especially as long
as they don't realize what our ulterior
motive is. So at least for now it's best
that we all GRIN AND BEAR IT!