Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Triple play
They say if at first you don't succeed...
try, try again! However over the years
I've found that often the third time is
a charm. Somehow checking, double
checking, and finally proofing makes
almost anything perfect. However I'll
admit that at times I can't see the forest
for the trees. Especially when jotting
off this blog in a rush. Given I write a
day or two in advance, I re-read these
missives every morning post posting.
Only to discover proof that automatic
spell check is not my friend. Sorry "T"!

Triple whammy
Today marks the third year of this blog.
That means this post is my one thousand
and ninety fifth. Who'd have thought I'd
have that much to say? Or that I'd be able
to find images to support my ramblings.
The fact is that somehow connecting
with all of you has become not only a
daily pleasure but a necessity. One that
I could never easily walk away from.
Some days it's quite effortless. Other
times it's more than a labor of love. Yet
everyday I get something out of it. And
that's reason enough to go on... and on!

Faithful friends
Why do I do what I do? Putting things down
on cyber paper helps process my thoughts.
If nothing else life is complex and therefore
it's important to stop the madness and course
correct as needed. Spewing out one's deepest
thoughts may to many of you seem odd at
best. Yet somehow, we've developed some
sort of camaraderie that makes us an odd
international family. Frankly I'm amazed
that so many of you continue to be loyal
readers day after day after day. How can
I ever thank you for allowing me into your
homes and hearts? I am deeply grateful.

Who's who?
Who reads montanaroue? Well, you'd be
surprised! About 53% of you live in the
United States. Sadly I've no further data
as to cities or states. 14% of my readers
hail from the Ukraine. Another 14% from
Russia. Plus 6% a day from Israel. After
that the balance of you live in Germany,
France, China, the United Kingdom, Italy,
Canada, the Netherlands and at depending
on the entry... everywhere else. My only
question is, why do you read this exercise
of self indulgence? Am I that fascinating?
Or are you all incredibly lonely and bored?

What and why?
It's interesting what you're interested in.
Time will tell so obviously the top three
most popular posts were written in 2013.
"What goes around..." was a metaphor
about corporate America. Next comes
"The secret is in the soup" which shares
my recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup.
Third is "What are you looking at?"
my diatribe against retail dressing rooms.
Written in April 2015, next in popularity
is "What have you got to show for it?"
So... three out of four lead with "What"
and nothing is gay except some pictures!

It's your turn
What seems to interest you is rather
personal - at least to me. And that's
where you come in. On this our third
anniversary I want to hear from you.
Today it's your turn to WRITE! So
please comment below. Or if you
prefer Facebook CLICK HERE.
Help me to know who you are, what
interests you, and how montanaroue
can continue to pique your interest.
That way you can contribute to this
daily dose of life. THANKS! Now
on to our fourth year of friendship!