Friday, November 13, 2015


My luck is up
Today is Friday the 13th. And while
some of you may feel more than a bit
unsure about the risks of venturing out
on such an event, I couldn't be happier.
You see, thirteen is my lucky number.
Hence even if most of you consider
said numerical designation comparable
to black cats, broken mirrors, spread
eagle ladders and the such, I DON'T.
You see, somehow the combination of
one and three equals good things for me.
Hence literally from day one, thirteen
has been my ticket to happiness.
Lucky me
While I wasn't born on a Friday, I was
born on the thirteenth of May. Quite
frankly that was the luckiest day of my
life. You see, my natural mother while
only fifteen was brave enough to give
me up for adoption. And fortunately,
Howard and Ethel stood up and gladly
grabbed this baby at large. Hence in
essence I was a gift who was given up
so that I could receive the gift of love,
support, and more attention. Thus my
life has been rather blessed ever since.
THANKS to ALL three of my parents.
Lucky day
These days I don't relish the concept
(or reality) of birthdays. However in
my youth when that annual thirteenth
day arrived, we celebrated. At this
point I can't remember all of the cakes,
decorations, party favors, nut cups,
games, guests, or presents involved.
All I recall is being made to feel very
special and more important very loved
each birthday. Now that my adoptive
parents are gone, their love is still very
much alive and hence a gift that keeps
on giving.  Talk about LUCKY!
Lucky stroke
At the age of thirteen I wasn't exactly
the best of company. Puberty is hard
on all of us. While I can't recall the
details, personal grooming was rather
a challenge at that point in life. Hence
I'm pretty sure I didn't wash my hair
for weeks on end until finally Ethel
would banish me to the bath. Oddly,
soon I would be spending quite a bit
of time in the shower behind locked
doors. But that's a story for another
blog. Ultimately I broke out of my
pubescent shell and the rest is history!
Club lucky
Speaking of breaking out - I didn't find
the exit door from the closet until my
mid thirties. Once I embraced the real
me, I was suddenly immersed in a world
that was both fascinating and terrifying.
Soon every Friday night, whether it was
the thirteenth or not I was literally OUT
and about. Fortunately after a lengthy
span of looking for love in all the wrong
places, I finally found my prince. But that
was only after kissing more than my share
of TOADS. But once again, that saga is
but fodder for yet another future blog!
Lucky hand
Obviously I'm NOT a gambler. And yet
now and then I occasionally dabble at
the local poker machines. To be honest,
I rarely if ever win. But somehow I still
always think I'm going to hit the jackpot.
Therefore in my delusional state I push
the "hold" button for a certain card on
and off exactly thirteen times prior to
finally playing my hand. Thinking that
somehow... layering on my lucky number
might guarantee success. Frankly... it
never works. Hence invariably I exit
having paid a fortune for a "free" soda.

Lucky for you...
Numerical caprice aside, every day is
actually my lucky day. I'm blessed to
share my life with someone who more
than completes me. We live in a lovely
place filled with amazing people. And
while every day in paradise isn't perfect,
I'm perfectly happy in Lewistown, MT.
In the end we all find our personal sweet
spot. Most of the time that involves more
than a bit of luck. One has to be willing
to gamble in order to ultimately win. So
for today, I'm betting it all on thirteen!
Care to join me in life's game of chance?