Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Customer's choice
I've had it. I'm simply OVER locals
complaining about our "decaying"
downtown while shopping, dining,
and investing elsewhere. The answer
to our dilemma is simple - IT'S YOU.
Like it or not any resident who isn't
spending the bulk of their cash within
our community is contributing to it's
FAILURE. No more excuses friends -
the reality is that the more you spend
outside of our city limits - the LESS
cash that fuels our local economy. It's
that's simple. So where are you?!
Ill gotten gain
Yesterday I attended a meeting at one
of our local not-for-profits. Committed
to said organization, I've decided that
rather than give to national causes, my
money is going to go straight back to
community groups like it. However,
during said session a plethora of goods
were gleefully shown to the group in
preparation for a big event. Sadly, ALL
of said "goodies" had been purchased
at big box retailers in Billings or Great
Falls. No wonder we're in TROUBLE!
Yet why am I the only one worried?!
Close but no cigar
Post said session I walked ONE BLOCK
over to a local retailer. There I purchased
comparable goods for the same price or
LESS. With my bag of local loot in hand
I marched back to said group, plopped my
treasures on the table and rather strongly
said "SHOP LOCAL." Everything equal
or better was sitting on the shelf ready and
waiting to be purchased downtown. And
I'm fairly certain that if I'd explored a few
other retailers in town, I'd find even more
options. IT'S ALL HERE. So why are we
(well actually you) shopping THERE?!
Long distance call
It's time to admit that most simply
want an excuse to get out of town.
While there are certainly things one
can't buy in Lewistown, most of
what we want and need is here. So
fess up... those complaining there's
nothing to buy aren't bothering to
try. The lure of a day in the big city
is more appealing than making sure
your friends and neighbors have jobs.
Or that rather than give the local guy
a chance... you'd rather log on and
check off your list after midnight.
Give and get
If anybody should complain it's
me. Post departing Manhattan
I've gone through withdrawal.
Bergdorf's and Barneys are no
longer blocks away. Hence I can't
buy Cire Trudon candles on a
whim for gifts. Instead I've found
another option at Country Junction.
Just as fragrant, equally charming,
and half the price! Of course there
are things I can't purchase in town.
But the majority of my needs are
now met LOCALLY. And you?!
Guilty as charged
The only way we're ever going to make our
community better is to put a little bit of time
and effort into doing just that. Gossip and
rumors of high prices are ridiculous. If you
really did your homework you would know
that ultimately once one factors in time, gas,
and vehicle wear and tear, driving over one
hundred and twenty miles to save a few
bucks is an exercise in futility. So, the next
time somebody asks why our downtown is
in such trouble, simply walk up to a nearby
mirror and take a look. That idiot looking
back at you is the root of our retail EVIL!
Here today, gone tomorrow
Before you take offense, think about it.
All of us are responsible for our own
destinies. However ALL of us equally
are liable for our collective gains and/or
losses. Every single purchase that you
make beyond our city borders adds to
a negative deficit in our local economy.
Therefore we must be committed to
keeping our hard earned cash local in
order to insure that others are able to
earn their keep. Sorry to preach but it's
time we waked up to our retail reality.