Thursday, November 5, 2015


Us versus them
Some people are nuts. For whatever
reason they're simply consumed with
hysteria. Hence they'll do whatever it
takes to reek havoc on the rest of us.
Our local paper is infamous for it's
Letters To The Editor. Twice a week
locals are subjected to the rants and
raves of a random few. In every issue
the same people do all the spewing.
And if one believed what they read,
the world is coming to an end due
to abortion, queers, and Democrats.
Apparently it's our fault - not theirs.
Saints or sinners?
Given I'm a homosexual who was born out
of wedlock and also a registered Democrat,
some must think I sport horns plus a tail.
However in reality, I'm just an average guy
who eats, sleeps, and lives the best way he
knows how. Thus while I'm certain that
blaming someone, anyone, may make said
cynics feel better - I'd rather not be deigned
the root of their cultural evils. Given in my
opinion most of those folks are quite crazy,
my solution is to pretend they don't exist.
However they do. And like it or not, what
they say and probably do hurts all of us.
Him, not me
Like any grim reaper, periodically these
monsters spew their fire. And much like
Godzilla, they can't easily be ignored.
Fortunately at some point our newspaper
editor implemented a policy that limits
publication of personal letters to two per
month. Obviously that must have thrown
our public naysayers into a frenzy. One
gentleman has solved that problem by
enlisting the name any victim willing to
lend their moniker. Yet said pseudonyms
fool few given the ghost writer screams
in an instantly recognizable manner.
Burning issue
Last Saturday another Letter To The Editor
appeared in the Lewistown News-Argus.
And trust me... it was a doozy. I won't go
into the details as they might offend. But
suffice it to say that the rantings within
said missive were a bit incomprehensible.
Validating such insanity with any sort of
rational response would only fuel the
theoretical fires that it's author mentions.
However, such an offensive opine cannot
go unrecognized. The fact is somebody
has to do something. And that my dear
friends is where you come in...
Perception vs. reality
Few can deny that rampant negativity
is possibly destroying our community's
resolve. However in reality, the good
(or amazing) far outweighs the bad.
Do we have challenges? Sure! Can we
overcome them? YES. The secret is to
not wallow in the quicksand created by
certifiable cynics. Yet given perception
is reality, we each need to do our part
to stem the cancerous tirades of local
bottom feeders. Therefore it's time for
us to accentuate the positive in order to
Rise above it
Together we can tilt the scales back towards
the positive. Somehow we must regain our
forward momentum. And so, if each of you
submits two positive letters per month to the
Lewistown News-Argus, the circle jerk may
be broken. It really doesn't matter what you
write about. Whether it's the way sunshine
bounces off the Snowies, or how yummy
the scones are at the Rising Trout, anything
good is far better the bad that's now printed
on the Opinion Page. It's time to share our
civic pride with everybody who lives and
works within our community. Be happy!
Positive influence 
Before you jot - a few words of
caution. Please avoid politics
and religion. The purpose of this
exercise is to exorcise all of our
community demons. Hence if
you have nothing positive to say,
resist temptation and put your
poison pen down. All that is
required is a singular focus on
something good about this place
that we all call home. So please,
start writing and don't forget to

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