Monday, November 2, 2015

On with the show...

Guest appearance
Believe it or not, I've never been one
for public performances. Well, at least
not those scripted and rehearsed. While
there's little doubt that I can command
a room's attention should I want to, I've
always been rather shy about life upon
the wicked stage. Beyond a theater lover
my historical preference has been to let
the professionals play their parts. Yet all
that changed a few weeks ago when my
pal "C" convinced me to join her in a
theatrical endeavor for charity. Hence
suddenly I've become an actor for real.
What's my line?
Given I can barely remember my own phone
number, it's beyond fortunate that said role is
as a member of a radio troupe with a script in
hand. Meaning that even on opening night -
I can read my part and not forget my lines.
Slowly over at least a month our rather ragtag
group of thespians has been getting our act
together. Several cast members have come
and gone as proven by the fact that originally
I was an understudy - whereas now by default
I've assumed one of the leading roles. Maybe
I was Ruby Keeler in a former life? "You're
going out a youngster, coming back a star!"
Bare ambition
Having been a public speaker for years,
I'm not worried about stage fright. Most
of those sitting out in the dark will be
people I know. After all, it's for charity
therefore hopefully the audience will be
if nothing else... charitable. What's most
funny about all of this is that I'm actually
having fun "honing my craft." In truth it
truly is all about the delivery. Hence fine
tuning one's approach has proven to be
quite challenging. It helps that there's a
savvy soul nearby accentuating all of
our lines with syncopated sound effects.
Radio silence
My parents were both offspring of radio
days. While traditional radio theatrics
were obsolete by the time I arrived on
the scene, Howard dropped a plethora
of radio references on a daily, hourly
basis. Dad treasured his collection of
recorded radio broadcasts and listened
to them often. Thus I grew up with said
blasts from the past in the background.
Whether that prepared me for my brief
moment of stardom is questionable. And
while I'm certainly no W.C. Fields - at
least I have a rough idea of what to do.
Gone to pot
If I've learned anything over the last few
weeks it's that at times one must stretch
one's boundaries. As an ultimate creature
of habit, my preference is to stay within
my comfort zone. However limiting one's
perspective can be rather boring. Hence
I'm more than grateful to "C" for pushing
me out onto this new stage in life. Don't
worry, I've no aspirations of becoming a
star. However I'll admit that I enjoy the
camaraderie that's involved in putting on
a show. Collaboration helps us all be our
best. If only we act that way in real life!

Creative license
I'm no Andy Hardy. Therefore while we've
plenty of available barns around town this
will be a one night only appearance. Rather
that be in the spotlight, Frank and I prefer
to quietly support the local arts community
from the sidelines. Yet this experience has
reminded me of just how important artistic
endeavors are to us creative types. While
crafting a fabulous chicken pot pie can be
somewhat creative, it won't stand the test
of time. Therefore if nothing else I'm now
even more committed to supporting our
local artistic organizations and programs.
The world is a stage
Art fuels the soul and takes us to places
we never thought we could go. Whether
that's via one dimension, music, dance,
or theater doesn't matter. What matters
is that whether your life is fabulous or
mundane - everyone needs an occasional
pick me up. Creativity impacts all aspects
of life. So whether it's painting your living
room or a masterpiece, both will brighten
your perspective. Whatever inspires you
will also inspire others. So why not paint
the town red... or any color that suits your
fancy? If the world is a stage - WORK IT!

SKTN Mystery Theater presents

Dinner, murder, and mayhem.
Saturday, November 14th, 2015, 6:00 p.m.
Doc's OK Korral, Lewistown Montana

Tickets available for purchase at
The Spotted Horse Gallery
Chokecherry Lane
311 West Main Street
Lewistown, Montana

Sponsored by
Duane Sparks Chevrolet
John Valach & Son
St. James Episcopal Church
Spotted Horse Gallery
Intermountain Distributing
Fleet Supply
Lewistown Online
Rising Trout Coffee

Proceeds donated to
The Lewistown Art Center