Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ALL SET - Pomp & Circumstance

As good as it gets
OK... what am I most thankful for on
Thanksgiving? The opportunity to set
a fabulous table! Now, that may seem
more than a bit shallow. And in reality,
I'll confess it is. However pampering
my guests by providing them with a
lovely setting for their tasty repast is
what hospitality is all about. Each year
I simply do my best to create something
beautiful. And somehow, eating almost
anything off a beautiful plate makes it
taste better. Hmm... I wonder if that's
how they coined the phrase "good taste?"
Orange you glad?
For weeks I've been planning what,
when, and how. The first challenge
was what china to use. Given I've
got more than my fair share of the
stuff... there were plenty of options.
However my favorite is probably
"Persimmon" by Dorothy Thorpe.
Said pattern is so elegant, and chic.
Plus it's in a beloved tone - Orange!
My dilemma is planning a complete
table around such a bold statement.
Hence I've rarely used the beauties.
My guests will consider them "new!"
How firm a foundation
Finding compatible table linens was
quite a challenge. I spent hours upon
eons scouring eBay for the perfect
pattern. Apparently orange is not the
most popular hue - especially a tone
that anyone can stomach looking at
for an extended meal. Finally I hit
my tried and true  - Williams Sonoma.
And there was the perfect option. The
primary ground is a pale taupe/grey -
perfect to showcase said plates. Plus
a border is in rich tones of persimmon
and orange. I can't wait to set our table!
Glass half empty?
I actually considered orange crystal.
However after searching high and
low there really aren't many options
out there - especially any that I liked.
Plus... sipping a vintage Amarone in
such a hue might appear a somewhat
repulsive brew. I could custom order
a set of Nason Moratti banded and
monogrammed in persimmon a la
Valentino Garavani. However even
for this addicted soul... that seems
more than decadent. And so I'm
using brown and amber glasses.
Off center
I'm still struggling with a centerpiece.
Right now I'm leaning towards a mix
of orange tones. Either in flowers or...
fruits and veggies. Back in October
"A" convinced me to use pumpkins
on Frank's birthday table. So I really
don't want a repeat performance. Yet
if I add oranges (as in the citrus fruit),
real persimmons, and a gourd or two -
it may suddenly look new. Who knows
where we'll end up. For those of you
able to log onto on
Facebook, I'll post the table tomorrow!
Peachy keen
At this point I think I'm almost there.
I polished all of the silver on Sunday
so that's done. The linens are perfectly
pressed. China and crystal all ready
and waiting. This morning I'll scurry
off to the grocer to grab what orange
hued posies are available. Or scour the
produce department for suitable tones.
Either way I'll figure something out in
between baking pies, roasting yams,
and finishing the last items on my list.
How are you setting the scene? Here's
some inspiration from last year! Enjoy!
Here's the end result of the above diatribe. Ultimately everyone felt that this
table was a huge success. Now... what will I do next year. Better get planning!

Our first in our new home was rather subtle.
The centerpiece was a mix of roses, pears, grapes, nuts.

The tobacco brown walls of our condo set the autumnal scene.
Blue transferware mixed with antique tea leaf ironstone.
Plus brown glassware, yellow posies, and a mix of fresh pairs.