Monday, November 23, 2015


Who's the boss?
It's official. The other day I took one
of those personality tests. Yet again
the data confirmed that I'm certifiably
compulsive. Really, what's the big deal?
Somebody has to organize the rest of
you don't they? And given I've already
prepared a list, why shouldn't that be
a leader like me?! Frankly, drawing up
lists of what to do when and how helps
me process the tasks at hand. And as
Thanksgiving is looming on the horizon,
it seems perfectly rational to get my act
together. SO... WHAT ABOUT YOU?!
Easy does it
Cooking a meal for a crowd is a big
job. Especially when in theory all
who partake are supposed to be more
than thankful on that Thursday. I love
the concept of gathering as a family
and being grateful for all that we have.
However in reality, I enjoy the pomp
and circumstance that accompanies
a major holiday even more. What I
savor most is figuring out how to fix
said feast without killing myself. You
see, in case you haven't figured it out,
this turkey enjoys a challenge!
Survival of the fittest
Living in rural Montana one's culinary
options can be in theory rather limited.
However it's rare that we can't find what
we need. The challenge is insuring it's
availability if/one one needs it. Long
ago I learned that whenever you see
something you need in Lewistown -
GRAB IT. Otherwise there's a strong
chance that upon return somebody else
will have snatched your one and only.
In past lives I never kept a larder or
excess backup of staples. However we
now have a stockpile in our basement.
Ready or not...
Hence "be there first" has become my motto.
With list in hand I've already completed most
my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Rather
than spend two hours visiting up and down
the aisles, I purposefully shopped on a snow
day. Fortunately nobody was there and the
shelves were fully stocked. So I was able
to quickly check off said list and move onto
equally important tasks at hand. Over the
next days I've systematically mapped out my
course of action. A strategy I hide given if
found out - Frank will think that I've finally
lost it when actually I've found the answer!
It takes two
You see, ultimately what works for me...
works for him. Opposites attract. While
I'm more than anal about making sure we
are organized, I can't keep a drawer or
closet tidy to save my life. Whereas my
better half lines up his perfectly folded
tee shirts like soldiers ready for battle.
Within our yin and yang world we both
put up with an awful lot of silliness on the
other's part. Yet in the end, our combined
focus on bits and pieces holds us together
almost as strongly as our love. I couldn't
do it without him. Nor he sans me!
Daily devotion
As we near the holiday one thing is certain.
I couldn't be more thankful for all that God
has given us. Not a day goes by that I'm not
humbled at how truly blessed we are. While
all of my children may not speak to me, I'm
thankful they're all healthy and hopefully...
happy! Even if my parents are long gone,
they're still very alive within my heart.
And every day I share my life with the one
who completes me. Therefore I daily take
inventory of all that is good. That's the best
list of all. So, when's the last time that you
checked your list out? DON'T FORGET!