Friday, November 27, 2015


The morning after
After eons in retail, I'm over Black Friday.
I recall a day when said day really didn't
exist. Rather than wake a dawn to trample
friends and neighbors in order to bag a
bargain, people used to leisurely finish
washing the Thanksgiving dishes. The
good news is that karma is a bitch. And
apparently almost everybody is getting
bored with the idea that fueling greed is
a good thing for anybody. Hence while
retailers attempt to woo us with Black
Friday bargains in October... we're not
biting! Have we finally figured it out?
Far away from it all
Here in Lewistown Montana, the day
after Thanksgiving is anything but noir.
Don't get me wrong, our local merchants
have some great deals. Yet in most cases,
there's plenty for everybody as long as
they get there before noon. We're simply
not in all that much of a rush. And while
I'm certain some crazies drove to Great
Falls or Billings overnight to bag some
bargains, they seem to be in a minority
at best. Whether our local lack of mania
is due to isolation or inspiration, we've
got our priorities straight. Do you?
Right of way
Tonight is our annual Christmas Stroll.
Main Street will be closed to traffic
with bonfires blazing down the center
as locals enjoy an evening beneath the
stars. Starting this afternoon our local
retailers will offer extra "goodies" plus
the bargains of the day. It's the perfect
way to meet and greet and cross off a
few items on your Christmas list. From
4 p.m. to 8 p.m. there will be all sorts
of family activities including a parade!
I simply can't imagine any better way
to start a season right! Can you?
Secret Santa
Well... actually maybe I can. From
what I've heard, a very extra special
SANTA will make an appearance at
the Lewistown Art Center on Main.
Apparently he's taking time out of
his busy schedule at the North Pole
to chat with kids here in the heart of
Montana. So, whether you've been
naughty or nice, why not stop by
and tell him what you really want.
Plus have your picture taken. And
if he happens to recognize you (or
you him) - you just might get a hug!
What the bucket?
I could be delusional but something
tells me that this Christmas is going
to be different. Given all that's going
on in our world, many of us seem to
be rethinking our priorities. Hence
Frank and I have agreed to NOT give
each other ANYTHING this holiday.
Instead our gift will be a journey to
somewhere special in February or
March. The fact is we've all got more
than enough. So rather than worry
about checking off each other's gift
list, we're focusing on our bucket list.
O' come all ye faithful
One thing is certain, at the end of the
evening we'll take a drive out to the
Fergus County Fair Grounds. There
all sorts of local groups stage a light
show for charity. While certainly not
akin to Bergdorf's holiday windows
on Fifth Avenue - they still have a
charming western razzle dazzle to
them. While it's tough to compete
with our starry big sky - it's amazing
how creative those cowpokes can be.
So saddle up your buggy and get out
of town before the lights go out!
How great thou art
Maybe the greatest gift of all is being
grateful for all that we already have.
This tiny town has given us more joy
and pleasure than almost anywhere
we've lived. As we share it with our
friends and neighbors tonight, we'll be
thinking of you. What are your plans
for "Black Friday?" Here's hoping you
find the time to relax and reflect. Soon
the holidays arrive in full force. Could
it be that the best way to enjoy them is
to think differently this year? As it's
been said before - LESS IS MORE!