Saturday, August 30, 2014


Stranger than fiction
It's interesting how you opt to
digest my daily tidbits. Some
ravenously devour them shortly
after awakening. Others linger
over a cup of coffee or a glass
of wine. A few of you even sit
down and savor an entire week
in one sitting. Given I spend an
hour or so a day spewing what
comes to mind, I find the idea
of reading multiples en masse
somewhat odd. However you
choose to join the fun, so be it!
All sorts
Maybe it's like nibbling out of a tin
of candy. One is never quite certain
of what lies beneath the wrapper.
Therefore one can be somewhat of
an adventurer knowing that whatever
the outcome it will be if nothing else
sweet. I'm anything but a capricious.
Being a Taurean, my feet are firmly
planted on the ground and if needed
ready to stamp loudly if I don't get
my way. By my very nature surprises
are not anything of interest to me and
hence I avoid them if at all possible.
On the edge
Frank on the other hand must have
been a world explorer in a former
life. As we prepare for our autumn
vacation, I plan to book each room
and excursion well in advance.
Whereas my better half would
prefer to board on a plane, land,
take a look around, and then get
a room in a hotel of his liking. The
very thought makes me palpitate.
How can this roué be so pedantic?
Somewhere between Studio 54 and
Shopko I became a silly old man.
Hot topic
How many of you are true adventurers?
Is anybody else capable of risking it all
in a culture that abstains from any and
all risk? The other day Frank ordered
steak and eggs and when asked how he
wanted his steak he replied "rare." But
a minute later, our waitress reappeared
and asked Frank to sign his name next
to his rare request on the order ticket.
She explained that the owners asked for
this as protection against any lawsuit
should somebody get ill. Have you ever
heard of anything more ridiculous?
Rescue me
Hopefully this is only a policy in this
isolated province. Given the times
we've happily devoured Steak Tartar
or "cold center" T-Bones, we've never
been asked to sign away our lives.
What is going on? Have we forgotten
that upon ordering one takes personal
responsibility for whatever one ingests?
When did it become your responsibility
to manage my choices? Somehow that
sort of Big Brother mentality permeates
most of our society. Hence my sense
that it's very hard to do anything risky
Over the top
Even if given the chance, I doubt I'd
opt for anything on the edge except
when it comes to cuisine. Rarely has
there been a time when I regretted
tasting something new. There's little
risk involved given that if I don't like
it, I can always spit it out. Where I'm
challenged is in applying that same
approach to broader areas of my life.
One can only wonder what I've been
missing out on. Who knows what's
behind that next corner? Isn't it better
to leap forward rather than fall in line?
True story
My dilemma is trying to conquer
whatever it is that feeds my sense
of complacency. Could it be that
I'm simply experienced, savvy, or
knowledgable? Do I no longer need
to stretch given I've been there done
that? Am I a lazy old man who has
been lulled into a mundane frame
of mind? Or am I simply afraid to
risk being disappointed? Maybe it's
time to reject all of the above and
experience the thrill of something
new. The clock is ticking, let's GO!