Friday, August 29, 2014


Card narc
There are times when I want to do
absolutely nothing and yet... have
to do something. That's when I pull
out the computer and play solitaire.
Somehow this pointless activity lulls
me into a catatonically blank state.
I wish that I could say that I utilized
strategy as I played. That I truly knew
where every card was in the deck as
I slowly waited for the perfect deuce
to be revealed. However the fact is
I simply don't want to think and so...
instead I play "addiction" solitaire.
Guilty conscience
I guess I should feel guilty given there
is so much else I could and should be
doing. Could it be that I just need an
intellectual break? Or is it possibly
stress due to transitioning to a new
town while renovating a home that
has pushed me over the edge? If I'm
honest - it's probably that I'm simply
bored or lazy. And while I should care,
I really don't. There are times when
I just need to go into my zone - escape
all responsibility - and fade away to
a state of mind where nothing matters.
Clean sweep
We all have some form of escape hatch
and if you don't, you should. In the end
staring blankly into a computer screen
is much better than nursing a glass of
Scotch. Some simply tune into QVC
and start shopping. Others endlessly
scrub floors or do laundry at 3 a.m.
However you deal with not dealing
with anything is your business. But
rather than fight it, I suggest that you
celebrate it. Go ahead, give in, let go,
forget about everything. Because in the
end, a free mind facilitates illumination.
Wet dreams
One of my best times of the day for
ideas is my morning shower. Think
about it - at this point washing up is
a rote activity at best. Once lathered
up there's little left to do except stand
and rinse. During such a banal bain
one's mind is free to open up and go
places it doesn't normally have time
to explore. That's when the lightbulb
goes off! Suddenly all of the pieces
to a puzzle fall together or a new idea
pops up. What better way to clean up
your act than by clearing your mind?
Black out
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. LOL,
I just had to write that, sorry! Actually,
you have no organ that is more complex
and therefore often underutilized. In our
world of multi-tasking, we rarely give
ourselves the time to free our thoughts -
open our minds. So what am I saying?
Simply that blankly staring a the wall
while sipping your morning java may be
the best thing you do all day. Whether
one calls that daydreaming or a catatonic
state - it might actually be good for you.
After all... what do you have to lose?
Forward pass
When was the last time you didn't think
about anything? How often have you sat
and done nothing? Whatever your zone
is - go there often! After a marathon an
athlete often takes a nap. So after a day
at the office - why not give your brain a
break and chill out? Ever do something
completely useless?! While it may seem
like a waste of time, in the end I'm fairly
certain you'll find that sort of down time
invaluable. Blank out, stare, pause, play,
or snooze. Whatever you do... please do
us both a favor and don't think about it!