Saturday, August 23, 2014

Everyone has a FIRST...

Help wanted
Until now our two guest suites have
been sitting idle as we got slowly our
act together. The process of moving
into our manse has proved daunting
at best. To date we still haven't found
somebody to clean and hence the two
of us have been toiling away. While
I don't dislike cleaning, it's not my
favorite activity. This is a big house
and unless we want to spend the rest
of our lives sweeping - we've got to
do something about it. It's a dirty job
and somebody else has to do it!
Open door policy
Running a large home is more work
than we ever imagined. Just keeping
up with the continuing renovation is
a chore in and unto itself. Layer on
top of that a punch list which may be
constantly checked off but is still quite
formidable. In rural Montana, nothing
ever seems to happen when one wants
it to. We're blessed to have a group of
talented craftsmen working on this job.
But around here they're VERY popular
and in high demand. Therefore I daily
remind myself that patience is a virtue.
Ready for action
Today Frank's brother and his wife
arrive for a week long stay. Given
they'll be the first to break in our
new guest accommodations, they'll
be our guinea pigs. We've tried to
get things organized in the best way
possible. There's plenty of toiletries
ready and waiting. Soft fluffy towels
and freshly pressed bedding. All the
latest magazines plus a water carafe
arranged on the bed stand. We done
our best to lay out the red carpet. Yet
I worry that I've missed something.
Reach for the stars
It's not as if we're virgins. Wherever
we've lived we've always made room
for guests. And while we have never
had any complaints, we want the
Passion Pit to be perfect. After all,
it's our be all to end all. Therefore
our goal is that everyone will love it
as much as we do! Some worry that
once somebody moves in they may
never leave! While we don't want
any longterm boarders - what better
indication that customer satisfaction
is high! Five stars anyone?!
No vacancy
Don't get me wrong. We have NO
intention of running a pseudo bed
& breakfast. First of all we abhor
doilies and Victoriana. Second we
don't make scones and prefer a six
cup French press to a massive Mr.
Coffee. Finally there are absolutely
no jacuzzis in our bathrooms. Yet
when we welcome somebody we
love into our home we want them
to feel loved. So for a very limited
and select group of individuals,
our home is your home.