Friday, August 8, 2014

PP Update: Living the dream


The Living Room and Sun Room
were among the last to be completed.
From early February 2013
through March 2014
the contents of our Dallas apartment
filled the space.
Here's what we found under the debris.

Let's continue the tour!


In January of 2013 this space was challenged at best.
Little remained of it's former glory but for
the magnificent plaster crown moulding.
Beyond that several walls and the ceiling had to be replaced.
Beneath the carpet, the floor required massive restoration.
And the fireplace was little more than a black hole.

It's hard to believe that the room above is the same space!
We wanted to counter the bright turquoise of the Front Hall
with a rich Tobacco Leaf tone.
Inspired by Billy Baldwin (the decorator NOT actor)
This is our third dark brown Living Room
Cocktails anyone?

The original Rookwood tile mantel had been ripped out by a prior owner.
Subsequently an ill-sized gas insert was crammed into it's gaping hole.
Does anybody have a match?

The new mantel (shown above) is a work in progress.
It's marble hearth and surround
were originally in a downtown bank built in 1916.
Removed in the sixties, they sat for many years in a barn.
Now they not only look amazing
but provide a connection with the past.
Sadly the chimney can no longer accommodate a wood fire.
Hence our search for the most realistic gas logs available.
We just decided to paint the wood mantel black.
Somehow it feels right.

The room has five large windows
on the south and west walls
designed to fill it with sunlight.
The problem was... you couldn't see them.

Shown below, new thermal paned windows
and sun filtering window treatments keep nature at bay.

At the other end of the Living Room
is the entrance to the Sun Room.
Let's go in...


Badly installed windows, drafty French doors
and awful curtains made this a gloomy room at best.

It's everybody's favorite room!
We use it for breakfast or intimate dinners.

I should write a book
about how scary the house was when we bought it.

Can you feel the summer breeze drifting in through the windows?

Looking back into the Living Room, 
this bright space provides the perfect balance.


We'll take a walk across the hall and visit the Dining Room.
See you then!