Friday, August 22, 2014

The pleasure of your company

What a pleasure
The other evening we were blessed
to be invited over to our friends for
a quiet dinner at home. Everything
about the night was perfect because
we were perfectly happy. While you
might assume that Frank or I require
pomp and circumstance, in the end
all we really want to do is to simply
have a good time. Therefore whether
the dishes match or theres ample ice
doesn't really matter. When we get
to share time with friends who we
love, anything is OK with us!
Out and about
A few weeks ago we went to another
friend's home for a pot luck. While
bringing a dish as a requirement for
admission a bit offputting, we enjoyed
our time together. Sitting beneath the
summer sky in a garden with people
of like minds made for a very pleasant
evening. Given it was BYOB, I was
certain to bring along several bottles
of Cote du Rhone to keep the evening
flowing! Proof that there are no rules
to hospitality other than a host must
be hospitable. We all had FUN!
With reservations
It's a proven fact that I adore setting
a lovely table. However all of that
effort is simply an indulgence as it
gives me great pleasure to pamper
my guests. Some assume I'm trying
to impress yet nothing could be more
than false. Why welcome someone
into your home only to make them
feel bad? While I certainly enjoy
laying out my linens, china, crystal,
and silver - my intention is to make
my guests feel special. Sharing all
that I have with others is true bliss!
Ready, set, go!
What bothers me is that many seem to
be intimidated by my accoutrements.
Therefore return engagements are often
few and far between. Why would any
friend be afraid to reciprocate? Could
my Spode possibly be a barrier to my
happiness? There was a time in my life
when I might have tried to compensate
and tone things down. But honestly,
would it matter? For whatever reason
the simple act of entertaining is often
threatening to some. Who ever said
that hospitality had to be a competition?
All about YOU
In the end it's all about you so please
don't worry about us. Being together
is all that matters so whether we dine
out or on a grilled weenie - anything
is fine with us. If you prefer to not do
dishes, paper or plastic is fine with
us. Especially if that means we get to
spend more time with you. If you hate
to cook, take out always soothes this
roué's soul. When, where, or how I'm
entertained doesn't really matter - who
hosts does! So lighten up and let's try
to have some fun! How about tonite?