Saturday, August 16, 2014

In the wee small hours

Rise and shine
I've always been a morning person.
Since a boy I've gotten up with the
sun or just prior to it's arrival. For
me those early hours are the most
decadent of indulgences. A time
when it's all about me because no
one else is awake! Throughout my
life I've protected this time and on
the occasional times when I have
to share them, resent the fact that
I'm not solo. Fortunately Frank is
a night owl. Hence we rarely bump
into each other before at least nine!
Batten the hatches
During the summer, the first thing I do
is close all the windows. In August our
temperatures slide down into the fifties
every night. With the windows left
open, even the steamiest of rooms
cool off by the next morning. Once
hermetically sealed, this house stays
in the low seventies all day long. Yet
what I enjoy most about this morning
chore is strolling through our silent
abode as the sun rises. All I think of
is how incredibly blessed we are to
live in such a lovely place!
Up with the birds
What I adore most about being an
early bird is the isolation. Around
five a.m. few are up and about.
Thus the world is mine alone.
As a boy I used to sneak out of
the house and take long bike rides
with my buddies. Without traffic
we could traverse the inaccessible
and impenetrable sanctums normally
beyond our reach. One Saturday we
rode down to Lord & Taylor to then
breakfast at their Bird Cage Cafe.
And... I didn't know I was gay...
First come, first served
A workaholic, I was usually at my desk
before dawn. The biggest benefit of this
ritual was the inherent lack of traffic. It
seems that most people prefer to sleep
in and hence the road was mine as were
primo parking spaces in the company
lot. On the occasional morning when
I had an appointment or delay, I was
disoriented. Who were these people
pounding the pavement and parking
in my space? Their very presence only
reinforced the fact that the early bird
truly does catch the worm (or slot)!
The perfect start
Once my twelve hour work day began,
it was tough to find time to do anything
but survive. During my career I've had
many "work wives." Fellow fools who
were as passionate (or driven) as I was,
these ladies were my partners in crime.
In Dallas I started each day with a call,
e-mail or text to "L." The simple act of
saying hello made us both aware that
at least someone cared. After a long day
at the office, we would sit on my sofa
and bitch face-to-face. Oh how I miss
"L" - but not those days! Free at last!
For us alone
There's something conspiratorial
about being an early riser. Given
few others share said predilection,
the chosen few align as members
of an adult breakfast club. Now
that I'm retired, I sleep in. Rather
than five thirty a.m., I now arise
around seven. My dear friend "A"
is quite bothered by my reformed
approach to the morning hours.
That plus a two hour time change
means we no longer chat as the sun
rises in Manhattan. Call me later!
Late night special
I'm fairly certain that those who stay up
very late feel the same way. After all,
it's awfully quiet post the witching hour.
Beyond a few random insomniacs and
drunks, few are out and about at one in
the morning. Hence the world is theirs
alone! In the end our body clocks must
recognize an individuals need for some
solace. Whenever one chills really doesn't
matter. The simple act of stepping back,
planning, or just staring into space is
something we all need once in awhile.
Early or late, ENJOY!