Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ANTICIPATION is keeping me...

Getting there is half the fun!
When I was a boy, the idea of going
anywhere was exciting. For many
months prior my parents would plan
each excursion. Our tiny mailbox was
constantly stuffed with big, engorged
envelopes filled with travel brochures
and maps. Quickly all would be spread
out across the dining table as Mother
plotted the best course for us to take.
She meticulously crafted our itinerary
as only a control freak with a touch of
OCD can do. Then before you knew it,
we went, we saw, and it was all over.
Travel delay
Many say that the best part of the
journey is planning it. Frankly I
couldn't disagree more. The fact
is that figuring out where, when,
and how is a daunting task at best.
Even worse is finally aligning on
a plan in time to book it Danno.
Many's the time we've hemmed
and hawed until the last minute
only to find that we missed the
boat. Hence we usually end up
somewhere we know and love -
and what could be more boring?
Window of opportunity
One of my top priorities since
"retirement" is to take a long
vacation. However we share the
responsibility of helping Frank's
parents. While Mom and Dad are
well into their nineties, they are
still fairly self sufficient. Yet we
feel that somebody needs to be
nearby "just in case". Every year
our co-caregivers "B" and "S"
escape to some exotic location
during winter's darkest months.
Therefore we'll fly away this fall.
More is more
After years of feeling guilty for even
thinking about taking a week off, it's
finally my turn to spread my wings.
Frank has a natural wanderlust and
endlessly reads about exotic locations
that up until now have been too far
to be viable options. Now we can go
wherever we want. I have only one
requirement - that we're gone at least
four to five weeks. Now the pressure's
on to make a decision. And between
us this is one of the hardest jobs ever!
Time to stop, drop, and book!
Class reunion
Within a week or two we must make
a decision. So we're channeling our
inner Ethel by scouring the web for
destinations. Whether it's a cruise,
apartment, or suite at the Ritz doesn't
matter. Deciding on where and when
does. Most important, we must book
our airline tickets before First Class
is fully booked. You see, while I'm a
new man - I still have my standards.
Given this is the trip of our lifetime,
I plan to travel in the style that I'm
accustomed to wherever we end up!