Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How did she do it?

Comfort zone
I can't decide whether I've become
dull or have slowly shifted into a
state of complete delusion. The fact
is life is much simpler here in rural
Montana. While busy, most of my
daily activities are probably not very
interesting to anybody but myself.
What is odd about my new phase
of life is that I no longer care what
others think. Rather I'm selfishly
focused on making life a bit more
comfortable for Frank and myself.
Suddenly it's all about us!
Bench press
Yesterday I spent the majority of
my day ironing (then made dinner.)
Several flat sheets, three large table
cloths, and millions of napkins later
I felt as if I had conquered Mount
Everest. Of course it's odd that a
former executive at the top of his
game now spends his day starching
and pressing. Yet unbelievably, I got
more of a sense of accomplishment
viewing those crisply pressed piles
than I ever got delivering the biggest
sale of the season! Am I nuts?!
Live for today
Why is that? In truth I always enjoyed
working - sometimes to the detriment
of those I loved. Could it be that I've
lost my mind? Or... have I finally found
fulfillment? In all honesty, it's probably
neither. My theory is that I've simply hit
another phase of my transition to "next"
and therefore this too shall soon pass.
You see while occasionally pressing a
pile of pillow cases can seem exciting,
after a few months of weekly ironing
I'm certain I'll be totally over it. We
all enjoy something new until it's old.
What's new?
So for now I'm in a glorious period
of discovery. I've always loved the
culinary arts and for most of my life
have spent weekends in the kitchen.
However my new life requires that
I'm a tad more organized and hence
am required to polish my skills and
step it up. The daily grind of menu
preparation requires more than my
proven collection of recipes. Now
that I must prepare a meal almost
every evening, I'm required to try
and serve new things. That's work!
New and improved
While many adore continuity and
an established rhythm to life, most
abhor monotony. The human mind
is a complex organ that requires
constant stimulation. Therefore any
sort of new addition to one's daily
grind almost always engages. Being
able to keep things fresh is more than
a formidable task in and unto itself.
Especially when keeping up with
one's responsibilities requires almost
all one has to give. While the simple
life seems simple, it's quite complex!
Mix it up
How many of you are truly up to the
challenge of organizing, preparing,
and serving square three meals a day?
Ethel (my Mother) rotated a repertoire
which led to menu monotony. As a tot
I complained vociferously but now
I'm fairly certain that I can't do much
better. While Frank always liked my
vinaigrette, after being dressed with
it daily for three months straight, he's
probably over it. Now I must muster
the energy to master at least two or a
few more salad dressings to toss it up.
Spin cycle
Running a house is in fact an never
ending job. While many consider it
a thankless task, there is pleasure in
taking care of those you love. I never
really understood how hard it was.
Nothing is ever as easy as it looks
and therefore we should all apologize
to our mothers or housekeepers for
ever complaining about anything.
Do me a favor - once you've finished
reading this blog please make sure
that whoever cooks and cleans up
after you is thanked and rewarded!