Sunday, June 1, 2014

7th Day Surprise - BIG SKY


Maybe I'm an ingenue
but I still occassionally stand in awe
and gaze at our Montana skies.

Following are some of Frank's photos
of our local sky
and paintings of our environs by
Charles Russell
Albert Bierstadt
Bill Stockton,
and James Bason.

James Bason's work is available for purchase at 

Albert Bierstadt - Cloud Study
James Bason - Merrill
Bill Stockton - Chinese Mountain
Charles Russell - In The Enemy's Country 
Frank J. Valach Photograph
James Bason - Felicienn II
Charles Russell - Fighting Meat 
Frank J. Valach Photograph
Frank J. Valach Photograph
James Bason - Highwoods and Evening Clouds
James Bason - Highwoods and Rain Clouds
Charles Russell - When The Land Belonged To God 
Frank J. Valach - Sunset Through Our Condo Window Screen
Albert Bierstadt - Buffalo On Montana Plains
James Bason - Western Skies