Saturday, June 7, 2014

Who bought the farm?

What came first?
Recently my blog readership has fallen off dramatically. Suddenly half of my readers have flown the coop. Has warmer weather shifted your interest? Is some external phenomena that I'm not aware of distracting all of you from all Montanan matters? Could my ramblings have alienated you to the point where they're no longer relevant? While not bitter, I must confess that I am confused. Is it something I've done? Or are you simply not interested anymore?
Dietary restrictions
It's understandable that some
may find my shift to Montana
from Manhattan mundane. I no
longer lunch at Fred's on chicken
livers swimming in Bordeaux
with glass of Sancerre. My noon
fare is now a burger with Tater
Tots at the Empire Cafe plus iced
tea. No more tales of the city.
Instead I now patter on with my
pastoral parables. Yes life has
changed and so has montanaroue.
I am what I am! It is what it is.
Off the beaten path
Don't expect any apologies for this
dramatic shift in my life. It was my
choice to exchange my urbanity for
isolation. Rather than missing the
seventh floor at Bergdorf Goodman,
I revel in the joy of escaping what
had become quite mundane for me.
Everyday I experience and learn
something new here in my tiny town.
But more important, every day I inch
closer to reconnecting with the person
I really am. You see, somewhere along
the way I was lost but now I'm found!
Just a wandering minstrel
For the first time in years, I'm singing
again. All of a sudden I'll just belt out
a show tune! That's because I'm happy.
I'm sure that for some hearing a grown
man channel his inner Merman may be
a tad off putting. However I know that
bringing music back into my everyday
existence is a sign that a part of me long
forgotten has returned. I've often prided
myself on being an optimist and yet if
I'm honest, I'd admit that I had become
more than jaded. In truth everything
about my life was out of key...
Gone but not forgotten
Slowly I'm awakening from my
state of self suspension. However
don't assume I'm now Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm! The old Greg
has not left the building. Recently
I made a scene at The Mint when
we weren't seated in a primo spot.
I still do not suffer fools and that's
a challenge in a place where many
hold key political offices. My next
growth opportunity is to leverage
my inner diva for the good of all.
Who knows what may happen?
On a roll
It's been a month since I was released
from my corporate shackles. Much as
I said when I started this blog, I've no
idea where this stage of my life will
take me. All I know is that I'm much
happier than I've been in a long time.
Letting go is just the start. My hope
is that my journey may inspire and
help others. So please, keep reading
and pass
onto a friend. After all, we're all in
this together. Fasten your seat belts.
I'm certain it will be a hell of a ride!