Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who's on first?

What day is it?
Yesterday was Tuesday. My only
problem was I didn't realize it. So,
Frank asks where someone is and
I answer "He always takes a half
a day on Fridays." Then while I'm
shipping something, I query the
owner "Will that go out tonight?"
"I'd hate for it to sit all weekend."
Obviously I thought it was Friday
while everyone else knew I was
confused. My new "retired" life is
an endless continuum. My week
has become a seven day blur.
Who knew?
Everybody says you're busier than
ever in retirement. I must admit
they're right. Being on one's own
clock means no clear beginning
nor end to each day. Rather its a
endless list of tasks, appointments,
responsibilities, and random fun.
One thing is certain. I'm not going
to make any commitments that
might encumber me until winter.
The balance of this year will be
all about our new Montana life.
No wonder I'm confused!
Are we there yet?
While I wish we were ensconced
in the Passion Pit, instead being
half pregnant is our reality. Each
day the scale tips more in the Pit's
favor. At this point only our large
furniture is left for the local guys
to move via truck. Otherwise the
condo is basically bare. While a
bit sad, it's imminent vacancy is
symbolic of a new start. Frankly
I can't wait to get out of there!
Each night I don't want to leave
our new home to sleep at the old.
What was I thinking?
Meanwhile I have no idea what day
it is and often feel like I've forgotten
something. Stripped of responsibility,
I'm a new man. However after years
of always being responsible, it's hard
to embrace my freedom. One might
assume I feel lost but actually I'm
quite comfortable in my new world
of ambiguity. My only struggle is the
reality that it's all about me. I'm in
control and nobody else. That's an
odd yet glorious sensation. With no
one to account to, I go with the flow!
Why me?
Don't assume all is perfect.
One of my daily challenges is
making a pot of coffee. For
some reason I'm a mess! Either
I pour my freshly ground locally
roasted beans onto the counter
or fill the Bodum so full that it
spews brew as I push the plunger.
Not a dawn goes by that I don't
screw up the java. Is it simply
that I need a cup of coffee now
more than ever? Or... am I just
totally in a daze and out of it?!
Just you wait
I know it's hard for you worker bees
to read such drivel. After all, you're
still laboring in the salt mines for
"the man" while I go on and on. Let
me make one thing clear - I earned
this. All I've done until now is work.
Someday either planning or luck
will land you in exactly the same
place. Until then, don't be envious.
Whatever phase of life you're in,
each day that passes is another step
towards fulfillment. Before you
know it you'll be right here with me!