Saturday, June 21, 2014

The gifts that keep on giving

Just for you
It seems that invariably one always
has to give someone else something.
Be it a birthday, graduation, or just
a hostess gesture, tradition requires
that one demonstrate their affection
via tokens of esteem. Little else can
show you care more than a carefully
selected tidbit. Whereas a last minute
grab rarely hits a bullseye. Therefore
many of us sweat, stress, and strain
over finding the ideal gift. Just the
idea of purchasing a present can often
instill terror in the bravest of souls.
You shouldn't have
To help you avoid mistakes, I decided
to continue my gift gab from yesterday
with some helpful hints. While over
indulgence may impress, I've found
that simple everyday items often strike
a chord. Not only are they useful, their
very use reminds one of the giver on
a daily basis. Given I'm a discerning
gentleman, I've limited my suggestions
to the men in your lives. However one
must remember that while Venus may
differ from Mars, in reality we all share
the same basic wants and needs.
Time immemorial
It's been said that men judge other
men by their time pieces. Years
ago Frank gave me an elegant
black faced Gucci with diamonds
at every fifteen minute mark. Since
then, every time I glance at the time
I'm reminded of just how much he
cares. A Christmas or two back Frank
found a Cartier tank watch under the
tree. Not only was it timely, my gift
put a smile on his face. Yet nothing
will ever surpass the pride I felt when
my Father gave me my first Timex.
Solid foundation
While some boys have been known
to prefer to go "Commando", most
guys love their tighty whities. Many
gents never ever short change the
importance of proper under gear.
Whether they prefer boxers or briefs,
most start their day by putting on the
perfect pair. And just like the ladies,
a sexy layer down under can transform
even the most conservative man into a
Don Juan. Layer in the added benefit
of proper support where it counts and
a brief gift can deliver extreme joy!
Slip on
Dear "A" is a lady of elegance and
extreme kindness. Every time we
put on our shoes we think of her.
That's because the simple act of
donning footwear has been made
beautiful via the charming Tiffany
Padova shoe horn by Elsa Peretti
that "A" gave us last year. What
but a perfectly designed tool could
transform a rather pedestrian task
into a daily indulgence? It's as if
"A" is sitting in our boudoir ready
to make our lives easier anytime!
Step lightly
Frank's Uncle "B" was a very
humble man. He lived his life
simply and kindly. As Frank
aged he accumulated a sizable
assortment of socks via Uncle.
Each holiday brought more
wardrobe replenishments that
were much appreciated. Now
that Uncle is gone, every time
Frank dons a pair he thinks of
him. Even a worn heel brings
back memories of love lost
but never forgotten.
Read all about it
Frank left Lewistown at a young age
and didn't live here full time again
until our recent return. That said he
always had the scoop. Several times
a week the local newspaper arrived
in whatever city we were living. Not
only did every issue of the Lewistown
News Argus remind him of home, it
was a constant reminder of his parent's
love via their annual gift subscription.
It seems that nothing warms the heart
nor stirs the soul like a connection
with one's roots. Home sick?
Wake up call
Known to adore a dose of caffeine,
many opt to indulge my addiction
with great success. Frank's parents
fuel my cravings with periodic gifts
of freshly ground beans. Every day
as the sun slips over the horizon
their kind love is reinforced while
I grind said shiny brown orbs. Later
on I sip my java in an old Starbucks
mug that my kids gave to me eons
ago. All are present in the moment
as their presents remind me of those
I love. What better way to perk up?
Keep it clean
For most of my life my daily regimen
has included showering with a big bar
of Caswell Massey's Jockey Club soap.
America's oldest apothecary opened in
1752 yet seems nouveau as compared
to 1221. Since then Florentine monks
at Santa Maria Novella have been
mixing up my favorite brew, Latte per
il corpo uomo. Nothing revives dry old
WASP skin like this elixir. Whenever
I get into a lather or load on the lotion
one can't help think of those who help
graciously me clean up my act!
Think about it
Ultimately it's the thought that counts.
And with just a little effort any one
can give a gift that keeps on giving by
simply keeping it personal. Money is
really never a viable option given it
rarely creates memories. Rather an
investment in time, creativity, and
connectivity is what will usually reap
the greatest of all gifts, gratitude. In
the end I've found that the giver is
often the part of this formula that
benefits the most from a successful
selection. We give because we care.