Monday, June 16, 2014


Opening night
Saturday night we finally slept in
the Passion Pit for the first time.
After a long day of moving the
final large items, we were fairly
exhausted yet abuzz with energy.
We wandered around the newly
furnished rooms that are still in
process. With no curtains hung,
we cautiously taped up coverings
over the lower half of our master
bedroom and bath windows. It
was almost like we were camping
out. What an adventure!
Connubial bliss
Moving is a tumultuous experience.
The resulting range of emotions run
from remorse to anticipation. Getting
from here to there can strain almost
any relationship. Orchestrating one's
move is actually not much different
than much like planning a wedding.
As the date nears, momentum gains
force until finally it sweeps everyone
away like a tsunami. Then suddenly
it's over and the happy couple crawls
into bed exhausted. And not quite sure
of what just happened to them!
Moment of awakening
The next morning, lovely light filled
our new home. As Frank slept, his
better half tiptoed about. It's truly odd
how a collection of familiar objects can
become born again in a different setting.
Fortunately the contents for our three
different residences easily conjoined
into one. And after over fifteen months
of construction and patience, our dream
is finally a reality. Lengthy "punch list"
aside, we're thrilled with the outcome.
Now that we've actually slept on it...
it's ours alone! What a wake up call!
Home at last
We are definitely not a virgins. While
many stay in one place for eons, we've
moved an average of every three years.
While we both enjoy new cities, new
experiences, and new environments,
we're finally ready to settle down. The
Passion Pit is going to be our home not
some way station along my career path.
I don't want to ever move again and if
I get my way, that is exactly what will
happen. Of course we'll travel and even
may rent an escape hatch in a warmer
clime. However... our home is Montana.
Work in progress
Now that the interior is completed,
it's time to focus on the outside. In
truth, the Passion Pit is still among
the ugliest houses in Lewistown. As
soon as possible we'll rip off that
travesty of a porch and construct a
columned pergola in it's place. The
"cottage" will be convert back into
a two car garage as it was in 1917.
Finally all will be painted a historic
taupe. Plus new sidewalks, terraces,
driveway, landscaping... it never ends!
With reservations...
Frankly with what we have on
our plate, we're not ready to
roll out the red carpet. Better
to defer overt hospitality save
for a select few until after our
house is truly completed. So
please, be patient and when in
Lewistown, make reservations
at The Calvert Hotel or Yogo
Inn, not Passion PIt. We'll be
glad to pour a drink and buy
dinner. But at this time we
only love you so much...