Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where forth art thou?

Creative pursuits
While we live in a tiny town in the
middle of no where, there actually
is a lot going on. If you like, one
can go out every night of the week.
Last weekend, we attended two art
gallery openings. While it may be
tough to buy sheets or towels in
town, it's surprisingly easy to buy
a lovely piece of artwork. Currently
we have five local galleries that
offer a bevy of creativity. Let's take
a stroll down Main Street and see
what and who we find...

Spotted Horse Gallery
Carol Woolsey is not only creative,
she's truly one of my favorite people.
A beyond talented metal smith and
jewelry designer, I'm proud to own
two of her amazing flasks. This local
lady is committed to supporting the
Lewistown artistic community. Carol
carefully curates her collection which
is not only uniquely Montanan, it's
quite elegant and inspiring!
311 West Main Street

M T Minded
Adam Grensten is a local young man
with a big dream. A prolific painter,
he wanted to share his work with the
community. More important, he hoped
to create a place where all who are
creative can congregate and confab.
So he rented a rather challenged space
downtown and transformed it into a
fabulous, open gallery. Our hope is
that all his dreams come true.
101 West Main Street

Out Of Our Hands
Three area artists joined hands
to open a studio/gallery in the
historic Judith Theater building.
Susan Lohmuller, a weaver sits
at her loom to create amazing
textiles. Harry Felton transforms
humble wood into elegant tactile
treasures. Painter Clint Loomis
captures our local landscape and
community in his unique way.
Stop by and say hello!
219 West Main Street

Lewistown Art Center
Thirty six years ago a group of
local artists formed this creative
collective. Not only does it host
regional and national art exhibits,
it maintains a vibrant educational
program for all ages. One of the
highlights is the Ken Edwards
Pottery Studio established in the
memory of a locally renowned
artisan. Well worth a visit!
323 W Main Street 

Moccasin Mountain Gallery
This gallery/frame shop features the
work of many local artists. Among
my favorites is the multi-talented
Carol Popenga (above). A creative
veteran, her art is but one example
of the amazing works available. If
you are in a western frame of mind...
this is the spot. You just might take
a cowboy home. After all, this is
the wild west. Welcome to Montana!
406 West Main Street

Rising Trout Cafe
After an afternoon of gallery
hopping, stop by this beloved
beanery. Just follow the scent
of freshly roasted java. Nibble
on home made baked goods as
you sip a steaming cup of brew.
Or grab a good book or organic
flour and food stuffs. Proof that
there actually is civilization in
Lewistown, you just have to
stroll up Main Street to find it!
217 West Main Street