Monday, June 2, 2014

The half and half diet

Pit stop
Now that it's June, we should be
fully moved into the Passion Pit.
Optimism aside, the reality is that
installing our Living Room mantle
has deferred our dream for a bit.
It's worth the wait and so we wait.
At this point we've conquered the
construction dust in the majority
of the house. Once we're able to
remove the cardboard that covers
the Hall and Living Room floors,
the last of the dreaded dust will
settle. One word... PATIENCE!
Gotta go
Nothing has stopped us from daily
transferring our worldly goods into
our new home. One of the basement
storage rooms is almost filled to the
rafters with "give/sell". Slowly we're
editing and finding out that seven
thousand square feet and three floors
may not be enough for two hoarders!
So far we haven't found anything we
truly need in the back of a closet or
in our three storage lockers. Rather
it's just stuff that hopefully somebody
else can use. One word... PURGE!
Step it up
I have discovered what I call the
moving work out. Since moving
to Montana full time, I have lost
sixteen pounds! Frankly I'm not
dieting. I'm drinking as after a
long day of schlepping, packing,
unpacking, and cleaning, it's time
for a cocktail! It must be trekking
up and down those stairs all day,
that certainly works up a sweat.
Keep your fingers crossed, I've
only got forty more pounds to go!
One word... PUSH!
Who are you?
My greatest discovery is "me". I'm
simply loving not working. While
stating that may not a professional
statement... I'm not a professional
anymore so who cares? Slowly a bit
of the old me comes back everyday.
I'm reconnecting with myself and
doing what I love which is being
in Lewistown with Frank full time.
Not a day goes by that I don't look
at him and say "God I'm happy!"
I don't want this joy to ever end.
One word... PLEASURE!
Leave of absence
Will I get bored after we're finally
ensconced in the Passion Pit? Who
knows? Even more important, who
cares? I've got all the time in the
world to figure out "next". For the
first time in my life I'm not worried
about anything. Having worked
every day since 1973... I was a bit
distracted. I've taken care of many
others along the way yet somehow
set myself aside. Finally, I'm where
I want to be and it's fabulous.
One word... PARADISE!