Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A babe in the woods

Ruby Tuesday
This morning I got a most lovely note
from my former boss. Having escaped
the corporate arena several years ago,
she's since traveled the world and has
refocused life from career to caprice.
Her "journey" has been inspiring to
many, especially to me. All because
post corporate life, she's transformed
into a happy and fulfilled person like
a butterfly breaking out of it's cocoon.
After admiring her freedom from afar,
I decided to do exactly the same thing.
Over a month later, thank God I did.
Not for everyone
I'm not suggesting that everyone
has this problem. Many seem to
be able to effectively balance work
and life. However high performers,
those who climb to the top of the
corporate ladder tend to allow work
to totally consume them. Stepping
back, one can't help but assume that
the cause for this phenomena is just
ambition, the drive to succeed. But
in reality, I would argue that for some
it's simply the work itself. They love
what they do and therefore can't stop!
Freedom awaits
Then one day we realize that work
isn't enough. Often that decision is
made for us. Having watched many
move on post "package", there is in
my opinion no greater gift. Exiting
the momentum of mania enables us
to step back, re-evaluate, and course
correct. Suddenly all that consumed
us no longer matters. That burden
of the world off our shoulders, we
finally have a chance to do whatever
we want. If we're brave enough to
finally be and do what's natural!
Forest from the trees
Don't get me wrong, it's not easy.
"R" cautioned me to be prepared
to doubt my decision to leave it
all behind. In my new life, a title
or job description does not define
who I am. Nobody can tell me
what to do and that means I must
figure it out myself. Walking away
from all that once fulfilled leaves
a void. While only a novice on the
journey, I'm slowly realizing that
the person I've always been was
waiting for a chance to blossom.
Hope on the horizon
With age comes the wisdom of
knowing yourself fairly well.
Over the past weeks I've been
reconnecting with "me". Deep
within is a natural, god given
creativity that transcends all
aspects of my existence. In the
past, I channelled most of it at
the office. Now I can refocus
and enrich my life and world.
While I don't have any answers,
I'm confident, comfortable, and
most important, optimistic.
Time heals everything
For now that Passion Pit consumes.
I'm doing everything possible to not
apply pressure on myself. Summer
will be all about establishing our new
home here in Lewistown. Come fall,
we plan to travel for a few weeks
and escape. Winter is both a time of
solitude or isolation here in Montana.
I plan to use those quiet months to
figure out "next". Frankly I have no
idea what that is and for the first time
in my life... I plan to stop, pause,
contemplate, and savor ambiguity.